Commissioning, Startup & Handover

Knowledge Area Definition

Commissioning and Startup is defined as the transitional phase between plant construction completion and commercial operations. It encompasses all activities that bridge these two phases including systems turnover, checkout of systems, commissioning of systems, introduction of feedstock, and performance testing.

Value Proposition

The Commissioning and Startup Knowledge Area provides members best practice implementation tools supported by research-based knowledge and proven by execution that lead to a more successful startup.

Mechanical completion is not the project objective; it is successful commercial operation that defines a successful project. Successful commercial operation requires a successful startup. The simple message is, for a successful project, a successful startup must be planned.

CII members find that high use of the Planning for Startup best practice results in:

  • 7.4% cost improvement for owners
  • 7.9% schedule improvement for owners
  • 10.3% cost improvement for contractors

Additional benefits of effective Commissioning and Startup planning include:

  • Presents an opportunity for business unit, plant operations, and owner project management to agree and commit to startup objectives, plan, and duration
  • Identifies and involves Startup Manager, plant operations, and maintenance personnel in front-end engineering and detailed design phases, allowing for their input before design is fixed
  • Increased focus on cost elements of startup, estimate accuracy, and meeting commercial operations date
  • Improved communications and information exchange between stakeholders
  • Timely and thorough identification of problems and issues during planning phase rather

Effective startup planning requires that the right issues be addressed by the right people at the right times. The research included in this Knowledge Area provides tools and techniques to help members plan a more thorough, effective, and efficient startup.

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