Construction Execution

Knowledge Area Definition

Construction execution refers to standards, methods, and practices used during the construction phase of a project.

Value Proposition

Construction execution is the core product of the EPC industry and entails multiple CII research practices each striving to improve cost and schedule performance and project effectiveness.

  • Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) is a CII Best Practice that provides a proactive, disciplined process for planning and execution delivering performance improvements in field productivity, cost and schedule performance, project predictability, and related benefits in safety, quality, and project team alignment.

  • Lean construction focuses on removing the waste, and non-value added elements from the construction process resulting in dramatic improvement in cost, schedule, quality and safety performance with greater customer satisfaction.  

Craft productivity practices focuses on opportunites to improve cost, schedule, quality and safety through innovative approaches to field practices including productivity measures, crew scheduling, overtime and seeking direct feedback from the craft worker.

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