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The cost of industrial building construction has risen dramatically in recent years. Excessive construction costs have eroded the competitive position of the U.S. construction industry and are having a similar impact on the manufacturing industry by preventing it from building new plants and modernizing existing ones. A large number of projects have been abandoned because the cost of construction has become such a large component of a corporation's cash flow. The decline will continue until construction firms lower costs and improve techniques to the point where growth is worth the risk and investment.

The purpose of this study is to assist the construction and manufacturing industries in becoming more efficient and cost effective through the introduction and broad use of new technologies. Approximately 50% of construction costs in light industrial and commercial building construction are related directly to enclosure and structural systems. Since these systems are common among industrial buildings, the identification and adoption of effective and efficient technologies in these areas is a major step towards improving quality, reducing costs, and expediting schedules.

This study has developed an information system for advanced building technologies (ABT) and has used this system to document 151 promising ABTs for the enclosure systems of light industrial and commercial buildings. The results of this study can be used as a direct source of initial information about the documented ABTs; as a pilot implementation and example of the ABT database system; and as a basis for developing similar, in-house, ABT documentation systems.

A collection of research on anchor bolt design includes CII’s initial review of current knowledge regarding anchor bolt installation circa 1989. The contribution from this investigation was the collection and analysis of the input from designers, owners, and contractors.                                        

Key Findings and Implementation Tools

1 : ABT Matrix Overview

The research product is the Advanced Building Technologies (ABT) Matrix, an information system that relates building systems to specific technologies and vice versa. The ABT Matrix associates a given building system with the applicable technologies and a particular technology with its domain of applications. (SD-42, p. 1-1)
Reference: (SD-42)

2 : Technology Infrastructure

The final product of the research was made available in microcomputer database format for rapid retrieval and easy updating and expansion. Note this database is archived and no longer supported. (SD-42, p. iii)
Reference: (SD-42)

3 : Anchor Bolt Installation

The collection of research on anchor bolt design includes CII’s initial review of current knowledge regarding anchor bolt installation circa 1989. One of the biggest contributions to the construction industry in the area of anchor bolts is the development of comprehensive design and construction standards along with illustrated application, design, and construction guides.

The industry commonly uses two major categories of anchor bolt systems: cast-in-place and drilled-in anchors. (SD-49, p. 5)

  1. Cast-in-place anchors have two major types (see their detailed descriptions in the research materials).
    • Nonadjustable Cast-in-Place Anchors
    • Adjustable Cast-in-Place Anchors
  1. Drilled-in anchors have three major types, also detailed in the research materials.
    • Expansion Anchors
    • Undercut Anchors
    • Adhesive Anchors

In addition, the research suggests the need for the development of a comprehensive design and construction standards guide for anchor bolts. For more detailed information on anchor bolts, this research suggests American Concrete Institute (ACI) as the industry expert.

Reference: (SD-49)

4 : Implementation Tool #1

SD-42, Advanced Building Technologies Matrix (ABT)

This information system was developed for advanced building technologies documented 151 promising ABTs for the enclosures systems of light industrial and commercial buildings.  Note, this information system is archived and no longer supported. (SD-42, p. 1-1)
Reference: (SD-42)

Key Performance Indicators

Improved cost, Improved schedule, Improved estimating/forecasting, Improved quality (reduced errors & omissions), Improved craft productivity

Research Publications

Advanced Building Technology (ABT) Matrix - SD-42

Publication Date: 11/1998 Type: Source Document Pages: 327 Status: Archived Tool

Anchor Bolt Installation: Phase I - SD-49

Publication Date: 07/1989 Type: Source Document Pages: 104 Status: Archived Reference