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Title: IR324-2 - Using Models in Construction: A Planning Guide
Publication Date: 11/1/2016
Product Type: Implementation Resource
Status: Tool
Pages: 101
Documents a procedure a project team can follow to plan how it will leverage digital design models to improve construction. Offers planning templates that draw upon five case studies to show instances of leading-edge model use in construction across a broad range of industry sectors.
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Digital models can provide significant value in the construction process. Models can be used to facilitate constructability reviews, visualize schedule progression, calculate accurate quantities for both bids and construction processes, provide a basis for ordering materials, streamline component fabrication, help with the planning of temporary systems and equipment, analyze logistics, support performing safety reviews, visually record construction progress, guide equipment through GPS integration, and much more.
This Guide focuses on leveraging digital model content throughout the construction phase of a project, along with providing guidance to the information that will be required from the design process to support construction. The Guide will help a project team create a modeling plan during the early stages of a project, ideally at the beginning of the design phase.
The planning approach contains the following steps:
  • Defining modeling goals related to construction
  • Identifying the modeling uses and methods
  • Planning the modeling process along with information needs
  • Defining the modeling infrastructure needed for success.
By completing this planning process and using the associated Construction Model Plan template, a team will be able to compile a detailed implementation plan for a project. In addition to defining implementation within construction, the plan will also show design team members how to support efficient and safe construction by leveraging information models.