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Title: IR319-2 - Validating Advanced Work Packaging as a Best Practice: A Game Changer
Publication Date: 11/1/2015
Product Type: Implementation Resource
Status: Tool
Pages: 167
Presents in-depth summaries of 13 project case studies conducted by the research team to validate the effectiveness and benefits of Advanced Work Packaging (AWP). Each summary discusses project characteristics, prior AWP experience, the AWP implementation and procedures on the project, how the work packages were developed and issued, how materials management was coordinated with AWP, how AWP affected the organization and project performance, and the benefits, difficulties, and lessons learned from implementing the methodology. Also includes summaries of four expert interviews.
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Established by CII to validate the exploratory findings of Research Team (RT) 272, RT 319, Making the Case for Advanced Work Packaging as a Standard (Best) Practice, investigated the applicability of Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) across industrial construction sectors and on different-sized projects, to illustrate actual AWP implementation efforts and details. This research extends the previous findings on AWP implementation documented in Implementation Resource (IR) 272-2 (2013). This three-volume resource provided an extended AWP model, along with definitions, procedures, contracting guidelines, job role descriptions, checklists, case studies, and templates. All three volumes are a necessary pre-read for this document, which presents 13 new case studies and three new expert interviews. Incorporating the RT 272 research, RT 319 analyzed a total of 20 case studies and 25 expert interviews, to identify the most updated and effective methods of AWP implementation.