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CII’s Strategic Plan, developed by the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC), provides direction and operating principles and is intended as a guide for planning and execution of institute activities. The planning horizon is three to five years and is to be reviewed annually to ensure it remains timely and relevant. The Executive Committee and the Board of Advisors approve any revisions to the plan and oversee the formation of new committees, communities of practice and teams needed to lead and manage existing and new CII activities.                                     

In 2008, the Strategic Planning Committee conducted an environmental scan consisting of two main components: Emerging Trends and Blue Sky Visioning. Emerging Trends focus on the immediate future impacting the next three to five years, while the focus of Blue Sky Visioning is centered on a more distant timeframe within the next 15‐20 years.  Even though the two components focused on different timetables, the topics of an increasingly global society and
heightened emphasis on sustainability emerged as being important to each discussion. Each component also includes discussion on the changing role that technology plays in the development of the capital facility development process.  

Key Findings and Implementation Tools

1 : About CII

CII is an Organized Research Unit of The University of Texas at Austin and a unique collaboration between facility Owners, Contractors, and Academia. The research effort of this collaboration produces new knowledge and documented best practices which, when vigorously implemented, measurably improve the safety, capital efficiency (cost, schedule, and quality), and sustainability of capital projects. CII’s commitment to quantitative thinking drives its transparent methodology to measure individual practice use and industry wide norms. 

Participation by CII member company employees is a rapid professional development experience providing valuable leadership experiences and exposure to broad segments of the construction industry. Improved knowledge and skills of individual participants in CII activities leads directly to improved capital project outcomes for CII member companies.
(STR-2015, p. 2) 
Reference: (STR-2015)

2 : CII Mission

The mission of CII is to inspire owners, contractors/suppliers, and academia to collaborate through research to produce best practices and implementation resources, creating innovative solutions that tangibly improve safety and capital efficiency. (STR-2015, p. 1)                                                                            
Reference: (STR-2015)

3 : CII Strategy

CII’s strategy has two elements. The first element is to sustain and strengthen CII’s four core knowledge processes (Creation, Dissemination, Assessment, and Management). The second element is designed to deepen CII relationships and broaden CII’s influence and understanding, which will sustain CII’s relevance in the long term.  (STR-2015, p. 1)
Reference: (STR-2015)

4 : Findings

Based on findings detailed in the CII: 2008 Emerging Trends & Blue Sky Report, the Emerging Trends and Blue Sky teams of the SPC of CII made the following five recommendations. The conclusions of the teams are based on information found from survey data; interviews with industry thought leaders; and literature from books, journal articles, magazines, and websites. CII has addressed some of these issues; however, their significance continues to increase. It is appropriate to add them to CII’s strategic plan or increase their emphasis in that plan.

Recommendation #1: Increased Global Focus
In order to respond to global growth and growing interconnectedness, CII must continue to expand its global focus.  (SPC2008-3, p. 1)
Recommendation #2: Continued Emphasis of Sustainability in Construction
There is a growing global discussion regarding sustainability. CII has an opportunity to be a leader in that discussion. (SPC2008-3, p. 2)
Recommendation #3: Enhance the Overall Image of the Industry to the Workforce
Workforce issues continue to dominate the discussion of major forces impacting the construction industry. All organizations have developed unique solutions for their particular business needs. CII should be the organization to present a unified front and truly advance the image of the construction industry.  (SPC2008-3, p. 3)
Recommendation #4: Conduit for Information
In the construction industry, no single organization has yet emerged as the authority on information impacting the capital facility development process. CII could help to fill that role.  (SPC2008-3, p. 4)
Recommendation #5: Public Policy Involvement
The construction industry is significantly impacted by public policy. CII should play a role in making its information available to the people making decisions. (SPC2008-3, p. 5)
Reference: (SPC2008-3)

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Research Publications

2015 Strategic Plan - STR-2015

Publication Date: 11/2015 Type: CII Publication Pages: 18 Status: Supporting Product

2008 Emerging Trends & Blue Sky Report Executive Summary - SPC2008-1

Publication Date: 10/2008 Type: Implementation Resource Pages: 8 Status: Reference

2008 Emerging Trends & Blue Sky Report - SPC2008-2

Publication Date: 10/2008 Type: Implementation Resource Pages: 23 Status: Reference

Recommendations for the CII Strategic Plan - SPC2008-3

Publication Date: 10/2008 Type: Implementation Resource Pages: 5 Status: Reference


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