Information Management Technology

Knowledge Area Definition

Information management is the collection and management of information. Information management has become a powerful resource and large expense, as well as risk, for many organizations.

Value Proposition

Information management technology includes multiple CII research practices dealing with technology that strives to enhance information creation and flow across design and construction to improve design effectiveness and project performance.

  • Technology advancements in information management and integration across organizational work processes offer significant opportunities for improvement in the industry to speed project execution while increasing quality and reducing costs.
  • Several research efforts have focused on design modeling, including computer aided design (CADD) and building information modeling (BIM). Computer aided design tools have been well established since the 1980’s to enhance the construction process. Design modeling tools continue to evolve with demonstrated benefits including cost savings, schedule savings, improved quality, improved safety and more competitive owners and contractors.
  • Other CII research within this knowledge area include:
    • How to deploy eCommerce technology solutions successfully to improve competitiveness.
    • Electonic data management technology to reduce cost and improve schedule.
    • Indentified industry data and information needs including future labor supply, local factors and construction cost indexes and projections.

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