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BM-Pharma Topic Summary
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The Construction Industry Institute (CII) has found that benchmarking is most successful when implemented through a structured, systematic approach. Thus, CII has developed a statistically credible Benchmarking and Metrics (BM&M) program that can be easily integrated into the project delivery process. In the BM&M program, a company’s project performance and practice use are compared against a large number of projects from the industry's most reputable firms.
The reports summarize the work performed by CII to develop a Benchmarking Program for the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Facilities. The effort resulted in a system that is accessible for all participating companies and allows them to benchmark their projects based on metrics defined specifically for the sector.  Pharmaceutical/biotechnology benchmarking and metrics not only can assist participants in identifying performance gaps and the best approach to improvement, they can also track the progress of the performance improvement journey.

Key Findings and Implementation Tools

1 : Pharmaceutical Metrics

A set of metrics was developed for the Pharmaceutical sector, including both absolute and relative metrics, as shown in Tables 2 and 3. (BMM2009-10, p. 5)