Project Organization & Communication

Knowledge Area Definition

The project organization (or project team) is a group of persons organized to perform a project within an enterprise. Communications is the process of determining the information and communications needs of the project stakeholders: who they are, what is their level of interest and influence on the project, who needs what information, when will they need it, and how it will be given to them.

Value Proposition

The value of the research is the ability to leverage CII Best Practices for team building and partnering as well as key findings associated with building functional and often virtual teams that are critical to project success. Examples include:

  • High use of the Team Building best practice can result in a 7.0% schedule improvement.
  • High use of the Partnering best practice can result in a 9.1% cost improvement.
  • Understand “What is the “right” level of owner involvement that leads to project success?”
  • Learn how to optimize jobsite organization by analyzing your craft-to-staff ratio and how jobsite organization is linked to safety performance.

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