Document Detail

Title: SP365-1 - AWP Concierge
Publication Date: 8/1/2020
Product Type: Special Publication
Status: Tool
Pages: 158
This interactive, user-friendly document presents more than 500 potential solutions to the AWP implementation barriers identified by RT-DCC-04, mapping relevant resources and linking to online resources within the CII Knowledge Base and beyond.
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RT-365 developed the AWP Concierge, an interactive, user-friendly document that presents solutions to overcome AWP implementation barriers and supports companies on their AWP journeys. For example, one common barrier is the lack of interorganizational coordination following a scope change. The AWP Concierge offers a solution to prevent or mitigate this issue by highlighting that AWP does not lock the project’s sequence, but instead provides data that enable traceability and can facilitate changes when needed.

The AWP Concierge describes barriers that a company may face during AWP implementation whether the company is implementing AWP for the first time or has used AWP on many projects. For each barrier, the Concierge presents potential solutions and links to supporting reference documents, and the Concierge covers a range of AWP implementation topics:

  • Organizational aspects
  • Contracting strategies
  • Implementation processes
  • Integration between AWP and engineering processes
  • Integration between AWP and procurement processes
  • Integration between AWP and execution processes
  • Integration between AWP and commissioning and startup processes
  • Resources and technologies