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Safety is the identification and control of workplace hazards in order to eliminate fatalities, injuries and illness. Safety takes the form both of preventing events from occurring in the first place, and of protecting people from being exposed to or negatively impacted by events that do occur. Safety extends to the protection not only of the construction workforce, but also of operational personnel and the community.

Value Proposition

The value proposition for safety is obvious and compelling. Eliminating fatalities, injuries and illness is a core value for CII and its member companies; this, by itself, is sufficient to drive actions and investments in safety by companies that strive to lead the industry in safety and to deliver "zero accidents" on their projects. Beyond this, eliminating injuries and illness in the workplace has been found to also enhance project “business” results via reduced cost and schedule, to lead to a positive culture on the work site, and to support better worker/management relationships.
Zero accident techniques include the site-specific safety programs and the implementation, auditing, and incentive efforts undertaken to create a project environment and a level of training that embraces the culture that all accidents are preventable and that zero accidents is an attainable goal.

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