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BM-VBP Topic Summary


Since the establishment of the Construction Industry Institute (CII) in 1983, its industry members and academic researchers have collaborated on research to improve the cost effectiveness of capital project delivery. CII research on the industry’s processes and methods has generated 17 best practices (through 2017) many of which have been adopted by the industry at large. The CII Best Practices are defined as “process[es] or method[s] that, when executed effectively, [lead] to enhanced project performance.” To qualify as a CII Best Practice, a practice must be sufficiently proven through extensive industry use and/or validation.
The Value of Best Practices (VBP) report had the following objectives:
  1. Measure the levels of best practice use among CII members.
  2. Gauge the impact of best practices, especially the joint impact of multiple best practices, on project performance. Project performance is measured in terms of cost growth, schedule growth, and safety performance.

Key Findings and Implementation Tools

1 : Impact of CII Best Practices by Project Phase

The 2016 Value of Best Practice Report focuses on the impact of practices on phase outcomes (as opposed to overall project outcomes). The study was based on data collected for the CII 10-10 Program. Figures 33 and 34 show that organizational practices (team building and alignment) were associated with better phase outcomes (cost and schedule growth), across several phases. Other practices also found to have significant association with better phase outcomes include materials management, risk assessment, and quality management. (PAC2016-4, p37)
Reference: (PAC2016-4)

Key Performance Indicators

Improved cost, Improved schedule, Improved safety

Research Publications

2016 Value of CII Best Practices Report - PAC2016-4

Publication Date: 11/2016 Type: Benchmarking Report Pages: 51 Status: Reference

CII Value of Best Practices Report - BMM2010-4

Publication Date: 07/2011 Type: Benchmarking Report Pages: 48 Status: Archived Reference

Presentations from CII Events

Session - Benchmarking the Value of Best Practices

Publication Date: 07/2002 Presenter: John Tato Number of Slides: 41 Event Code: AC02

Plenary Session - CII 2016 Value of Best Practices Report

Publication Date: 08/2016 Presenter: Number of Slides: 14 Event Code: AC2016

Implementation Session - CII 2016 Value of Best Practices

Publication Date: 08/2016 Presenter: Number of Slides: 30 Event Code: AC2016