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This research was sponsored by the CII Construction 2000 Task Force to identify trends that will influence projects and competition of the future; intended for senior managers, strategic planners, managers responsible for facility engineering and construction, and operations managers in owners' and contractors' organizations.

As a result of the findings generated during this research effort, many conclusions have been developed regarding what will be the significant factors affecting competitiveness in the future. These are categorized into the following areas: economics, government, work force, technology, quality and business strategies.

Key Findings and Implementation Tools

1 : Projects of the Future

To prepare for projects of the future, managers need to take several key actions now: (RS18-1, p. 21) 

  • Monitoring opportunities and influences
  • Developing human resources
  • Going after new technology
  • Continuously improving processes
  • Challenging and involving all employees
  • Building team relationships  
Reference: (RS18-1)

2 : Improvement by Year 2000

To improve the positioning of the entire U.S. construction industry by the year 2000, three major forces must be overpowered by members of the U.S. construction industry during the 1990s:

  1. Relinquish paradigms that have inhibited progress in the past
  2. Establish methods to overcome, or cope with the predicted shortage of qualified human resources
  3. Reestablish the working environment that stimulated the driving forces that allowed the U.S. construction industry to become a world leader in supplying construction services: "U.S. innovation and creativity" (SD-64, p. iv.)
Reference: (SD-64)

Key Performance Indicators

Improved performance/achieved success, Improved competitiveness

Research Publications

Projects and Competition of the Future - RS18-1

Publication Date: 12/1992 Type: Research Summary Pages: 30 Status: Archived Supporting Product

Anatomy of Construction Industry Competition in the Year 2000 - SD-64

Publication Date: 03/1991 Type: Source Document Pages: 367 Status: Archived Reference