Development of the PDRI Maturity & Accuracy Total Rating System (MATRS)

RT-361 Topic Summary
RT 361


RT-361 upgraded the Project Definition Rating Index–Industrial Projects (also known as PDRI–Industrial) to PDRI MATRS (pronounced “PDRI matters”) by combining two major research efforts:

  • RT-113, which introduced the Project Definition Rating Index (PDRI) in 1996
  • RT-331, which proposed and demonstrated the value of the combined assessment of the maturity and accuracy of front end engineering design (FEED)

By combining the efforts of RT-113 and RT-331, the RT-361 research made significant improvements to the functionality of PDRI:

  1. Adding objectivity and consistency to the scoring by giving detailed descriptions and examples for each possible definition level tailored to the 70 PDRI elements
  2. Adding a new FEED accuracy dimension to evaluate contextual factors for the environment in which FEP is being conducted

RT-361 evaluated its new PDRI framework and tool with additional research that demonstrated increased cost certainty and performance improvement compared to the older PDRI framework. This new dimension is now available in the new PDRI MATRS tool, part of IR113-2, Project Definition Rating Index–Industrial Projects, Version 5.0. PDRI MATRS supersedes both all previous versions of PDRI–Industrial (IR113-2) and FEED MATRS (IR331-2).

PDRI MATRS provides a critical improvement in the FEP body of knowledge. It helps project teams evaluate FEP efforts, including FEED maturity and accuracy, for industrial projects involving new construction or renovation & revamp. To learn about the methodology used to create the PDRI MATRS tool, refer to the methodology outlined in RR331-11.

Key Findings and Implementation Tools

1 : Improvement of Project Certainty

PDRI MATRS improves project certainty by 24 percent and change performance by 12 percent for projects with high FEED maturity (>80) and high PDRI accuracy (>76) when compared with projects with low FEED maturity (<80) and low PDRI accuracy (<76). RT-361 added the PDRI MATRS tool to IR113-2, Project Definition Rating Index – Industrial Projects, to update this original PDRI to Version 5.0.

Note: The methodology RT-361 followed as it created PDRI MATRS is similar to the methodology RT-331 used to build predecessor tool FEED MATRS. Refer to RR331-11, The Maturity and Accuracy of Front End Engineering Design (FEED) and Its Impact on Project Performance, for details.

Reference: (IR113-2)

2 : Implementation Tool

RT-361 developed a new tool, PDRI MATRS, by combining the PDRI–Industrial tool from IR113-2 with the FEED MATRS tool from IR331-2. RT-361 added the PDRI MATRS tool to IR113-2, PDRI: Project Definition Rating Index–Industrial Projects, to update the PDRI for industrial projects to Version 5.0.

Note: The PDRI MATRS tool allows the user to select a FEED-only analysis (thereby replicating the prior FEED MATRS tool) or a PDRI maturity-only analysis (which actually reverts the tool to the prior PDRI framework and does not include accuracy analysis). Thus, IR113-2, Version 5.0 replaces IR331-2 and all previous versions of 113-2.

Reference: (IR113-2)

Key Performance Indicators

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