AWP-integrated Practices for Construction Completions, Commissioning, and Startup

RT-364 Topic Summary
RT 364


The Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) process adopts a philosophy of “beginning with the end in mind.” To ensure the successful integration of AWP in support of commissioning and startup (CSU) objectives, however, it is crucial to recognize CSU’s influences on the project path and to align construction to support CSU. In order to facilitate this relationship, CSU priorities and sequences should be established early in the project and be integrated with procurement, engineering, and construction.

RT-272 developed AWP to facilitate effective project delivery and predictability by incorporating the notion of work packaging into execution processes, beginning with project definition. However, the original scope of CII’s AWP research primarily focused on the engineering and construction phases, with minimal integration of supply chain and little consideration of CSU. Significant subsequent CII research has focused on developments related to supply chain and CSU. In alignment with both research need and opportunity, RT-364 focused on integrating AWP approaches into the CSU phases of projects.

RT-364 extended the life-cycle view of AWP implementation from engineering and construction to fully incorporate CSU work packaging processes. This research established the concept of the System Work Package (SWP) and incorporated it into AWP by adding a CSU swimlane to RT-272’s AWP flowchart. To facilitate a better understanding of the concept, RT-364 provides a 3D illustration of the SWP model’s scope and context to differentiates its scope from other types of work packages.

This report also offers the following additional research outcomes:

  1. Key SWP roles and responsibilities for AWP/CSU activities
  2. The SWP’s common constraints and model attribute data
  3. Implementation narratives with an emphasis on combating the CSU-relevant implementation barriers identified by DCC-04

Key Findings and Implementation Tools

1 : CSU Influences the Path of Construction

RT-364 identified the importance of CSU influences on the path of construction. The path of construction reflects diverse input drivers, including the project’s CSU strategy, objectives, and constraints (FR-364, p. 11).

Reference: (FR-364)

2 : CSU Can Be Integrated into the AWP Flowchart as a Fourth Stage

RT-364 updated the original AWP flowchart to include an additional stage for “Energization and Commissioning.” The new AWP highlights the roles of Construction Work Packages (CWPs), Engineering Work Packages (EWPs), Installation Work Packages (IWPs), and System Work Packages (SWPs) (FR-364, p. 25).

Reference: (FR-364)

3 : CSU Can Be Integrated into the AWP Flowchart as a New Swimlane

RT-364 updated the AWP flowchart to integrate CSU into the four stages of the AWP process. The team inserted a new CSU swimlane and linked its activities to existing ones. The team also assigned new roles and responsibilities for each activity (FR-364, p. 35).

Reference: (FR-364)

4 : SWPs Apply at Different Levels

RT-364 identified the relationship between IWPs and SWPs and visualized it. IWPs are scoped and executed on an area basis, while SWPs are scoped and executed on a system, subsystem, or sub-subsystem basis (FR-364, p. 15).

Reference: (FR-364)

5 : Categories of IWP and SWP Constraints-for-Release

Previous CII research outlined the constraint categories for developing IWPs. RT-364 identified additional categories of typical constraints relevant to SWPs (FR-364, p. 23).

Reference: (FR-364)

6 : 3D Models of SWPs

To help clarify the meaning of the various SWPs, RT-364 developed a 3D illustration for each (FR-364, p. 17).

Reference: (FR-364)

7 : Attribute Data Lists

RT-364 expanded attribute data for piping (originally from RT-TC-01) by identifying additional CSU attributes that are required to effectively manage SWPs (FR-364, p. 24).

Reference: (FR-364)

Key Performance Indicators

Improved safety, Improved cost, Improved schedule, Improved quality, Improved turnover

Research Publications

Integrating Commissioning and Startup into the AWP Work Process - FR-364

Publication Date: 10/2020 Type: Final Report Pages: 54 Status: Tool

Presentations from CII Events

Session - AWP-integrated Practices for Construction Completions, Commissioning, and Startup

Publication Date: 09/2020 Presenter: Number of Slides: 48 Event Code: AC2020