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Advanced Work Packaging requires a great deal of data to be transferred between parties at various points in the process. Implementation experience of CII companies showed that a common set of data requirements and definitions were needed in order to standardize the way data were transferred on projects and specified in contracts.

CII’s AWP Community for Business Advancement formed Working Group 19-01, AWP Data Requirements, to develop a comprehensive set of AWP data requirements for capital project stakeholders. The group accordingly created Special Report 19-01, AWP Data Requirements Implementation Guideline, as an implementation guideline intended to accomplish several objectives:

  • To support efforts to implement the assembled AWP data requirements.
  • To encourage companies to standardize information flow for work processes on capital projects.
  • To serve as a critical reference as companies create contracts that include data to support AWP.

Working Group 19-01 worked on AWP data requirements in parallel with Research Team TC-03, which transformed seven of these data requirements into digital threads.

Phase III of the joint working group incorporated industry feedback to create subsequent versions of the guideline report, update its accompanying software, and add a companion document to help users apply both.

Key Findings and Implementation Tools

1 : Data Requirements for Implementing AWP

Working Group 19-01 developed data requirements for the steps in the AWP process, as the figure below shows (SR19-01, p. 5).

Reference: (SR19-01)

Key Performance Indicators

safety, cost, productivity, schedule, quality

Research Publications

AWP Data Requirements Implementation Guideline, Version 1.4 - SR19-01

Publication Date: 04/2023 Type: Special Publication Pages: 160 Status: Tool

Presentations from CII Events

Session - Digitally-Enabled AWP and CII Advanced Work Packaging Data Requirements

Publication Date: 09/2020 Presenter: Number of Slides: 25 Event Code: AC2020