Joint Operational Reference Data (JORD)

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This research project discusses how a JORD ISO-15926 Mapping Methodology, JORD Prototype Triple-Store & Endpoint Implementation, and Enhancing the JORD POSC Caesar Association Reference Data Service (PCARDS) can help deliver an operating JORD Services Entity – which is both scalable and sustainable.

Phase 1 of the project was started in May 2011 and ran until the end of 2012. Phase 2 was reorganized into a program, which was restarted in the beginning of 2013 and completed in August 2014. The current report provides an overview of the overall program, together with a summary of work and resulting deliverables for each project (E9-19, page 1).

JORD has produced a series of tangible and intangible results, which will allow high quality development and maintenance of Reference Data (RD), and professional operation and maintenance of Reference Data Services (RDS) for the project sponsors, ISO-15926 community, and industry at large (E9-19, page 4).

ISO-15926, the standard for lifecycle integration and interoperability, is based on highly generic information modeling principles, and has a high dependency on shared reference data. While it supports many valid and flexible implementation possibilities, these may not support the full lifecycle capabilities intended by the standard. Also, being highly generic and flexible, achieving consensus and comprehensive standard interpretations from first principles is non-trivial in specific business circumstances (E9-20, page 2).

ISO-15926-Part 7 Templates provide a means of standardizing these interpretations and provides an interface between the business domain subject matter expert and the generic modeling and/or implementer expert domains. Since earlier drafts of this methodology between 1999 and 2007, Part 7 has been published and the methodology now benefits from greater simplification (E9-20, page 2).

To maximize the flexibility and availability of reference data in ISO-15926 compliant forms across distributed business users, ISO-15926 adopts “Triples” as the most generic representation of all semantic content, where each element is represented by a URI (web-address) resolvable by browsers and queries through an “Endpoint” (E9-23, page 2).

Key Findings and Implementation Tools

1 : Overview of Methodology as a Flowchart

The methodology used in JORD is written in such a way that a mapping campaign can be self-contained within subject matter expert knowledge and this methodology. This is achieved by always having a valid mapping choice that can represent the business data in terms of ISO-15926 reference data and can be used for definition of information requirements and exchange of data in particular business transactions, even if the mapping might not support whole lifecycle integration needs (E9-20, page 8).

2 : Overall System Layout

This is a technical overview for the Phase 1 Prototype endpoint. It contains details concerning what software it incorporates and how the different pieces of the system play together. The intended audience includes project managers, technical staff and to some degree end users. As a result, the text may be too verbose for some. In an attempt to make the text easier to read, each component description includes a technical summary to provide a concise description of the nuts and bolts for the technical audience (E9-23, page 5).

A number of third-party applications have been used in this project. These are all open source programs with well written documentations, including installation and usage instructions.


Key Performance Indicators

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