Effective Use of the Global Engineering Workforce

RT-211 Topic Summary
RT 211


CII established the Global Engineering Work Force Research Team to develop a detailed understanding of the critical activities required for successfully implementing a global engineering team. The goal was to develop an implementation tool to address the comprehensive issues involved in establishing successful global virtual engineering teams. A Global Virtual Engineering Team (GVET) is a group of geographically dispersed engineers that needs to overcome:

  • Space and time issues
  • Function and organizational barriers
  • National and cultural differences
The final product of the team, the Global Virtual Engineering Team (GVET) Execution Planner (CII Implementation Resource 211-2), provides a vehicle for creating an execution plan to address issues related to organization, scope definition/work sharing, communication, quality, project control, and technology at both the company and project levels. The Planner, which can be used in various phases of a project, also provides a method for capturing and managing specific lessons learned related to each category.

Key Findings and Implementation Tools

1 : Top-Rated Driving Forces

Top-Rated Driving Forces (RS211-1, p. 5)

  • Reduce engineering cost
  • Competition
  • Global (or local) customers
  • Locate services close to project location
  • Reduce engineering schedule
Reference: (RS211-1)

2 : Common Success Factors

Common Success Factors (RS211-1, p. 5)

  • Clear and frequent communication and periodic face-to-face
  • Good communication tools and IT compatibility
  • Standard work processes and communication procedures
  • Clearly defined scope and expectations
  • Clearly defined roles and responsibilities
Reference: (RS211-1)

Key Performance Indicators

Improved cost, Improved engineering productivity

Research Publications

Global Virtual Engineering Team (GVET) Planner - IR211-2

Publication Date: 02/2007 Type: Implementation Resource Pages: 0 Status: Archived Tool

Effective Use of the Global Engineering Workforce - RR211-11

Publication Date: 11/2006 Type: Research Report Pages: 216 Status: Reference

Planning A Global Virtual Engineering Team: A Tool for Success - RS211-1

Publication Date: 09/2006 Type: Research Summary Pages: 25 Status: Supporting Product

Presentations from CII Events

Session - Effective Use of the Global Engineering Work Force

Publication Date: 06/2005 Presenter: Number of Slides: 17 Event Code: AC05

Implementation Session - Global Virtual Engineering Team Implementation

Publication Date: 06/2005 Presenter: Number of Slides: 16 Event Code: AC05

Session - Effective Use of Global Engineering Workforce

Publication Date: Presenter: Number of Slides: 18 Event Code: PIW907