Improving Engineering and Procurement Alignment and Coordination with Construction (Best Practice)

RT-310 Topic Summary
RT 310


RT-310 was chartered to investigate project alignment and coordination to improve construction performance. Surprisingly, industry surveys indicated that alignment is a common problem. Sixty percent of survey respondents rate alignment less than good, that the industry is not doing as well as assumed in everyday practice.

The review of alignment practices required for construction success identified three areas for improvement:

  • Project execution planning
  • Project procedures
  • Supplier engagement

Given that projects are now more complex than ever, project teams must understand that “alignment doesn’t just happen,” it takes discipline to achieve and maintain. For construction success, the industry must revisit and reinvest in its provisions for alignment. Overall the research recommends that organizations review their internal provisions and procedures for alignment.

Effective alignment, starting in front end planning and continuing through the project, is key to successful execution during construction and startup. RT-310 found that effective alignment practices can support more predictable project outcomes and that they complement successful execution of project disciplines such as Advanced Work Packaging and modularization.

Key Findings and Implementation Tools

1 : Project Execution Plan (PEP)

The project execution plan is a key document for alignment. RT-310 identified 23 elements of a typical project execution plan's table of contents that are important to effective alignment for construction success for both large and small projects. (RS310-1, p. 9)
Reference: (RS310-1)

2 : Supplier Engagement

Alignment of contractors and suppliers is essential to ensure proper delivery of the equipment, material, and services required for successful construction (and project) success. RT-310 uncovered many opportunities for more effective supply-chain engagement including:

  • Greater involvement in planning
  • More comprehensive inclusion of supplier data requirements in RFQs and POs
  • Involvement in design and procedure reviews
  • Clearer scopes of work
  (RS310-1, p. 13)
Reference: (RS310-1)

3 : Alignment Procedures

Having well-formulated procedures is a key driver of project alignment and is critical to consistently successful project execution. Good alignment procedures support the PEP and Supplier Engagement. Procedures need to address: (RS310-1, p. 10)

  • Team building and team alignment
  • On-boarding of team members and stakeholders
  • Cultural differences and constraints in the team make-up
  • Continuity of resources
  • A mechanism to measure team alignment throughout the project life cycle
Reference: (RS310-1)

4 : Automation and Alignment

The research identifies that project information is not well integrated. Automation can enable and enhance alignment and improve performance. Automation can assure information quality, consistency, and speed dissemination. However, note that if automation is not implemented properly in can actually impede alignment. (IR310-2, p. 109)
Reference: (IR310-2)

5 : Implementation Tool #1

IR310-2, Effective Project Alignment for Construction Success

This resource provides checklists, table of contents, deliverables lists, questionnaires, models, etc., by each of the five areas identified in key findings. It also provides recommendations for practices for improving project team alignment.

  • Project Execution Planning
  • Alignment Procedures
  • Supplier Engagement
  • Alignment Behaviors
  • Automation
Reference: (IR310-2)

Key Performance Indicators

Improved cost, Improved schedule, Improved performance/achieved success

Research Publications

Effective Project Alignment for Construction Success - IR310-2

Publication Date: 02/2016 Type: Implementation Resource Pages: 135 Status: Tool

Effective Project Alignment for Construction Success - RS310-1

Publication Date: 12/2015 Type: Research Summary Pages: 24 Status: Supporting Product

Presentations from CII Events

Plenary Session - Effective Project Alignment for Construction Success

Publication Date: Presenter: Number of Slides: 14 Event Code: AC2015

Implementation Session - Effective Project Alignment for Construction Success

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