How to Double Productivity

RT-DCC-01 Topic Summary


Research Team DCC-01 (RT-DCC-01) developed a set of research roadmaps that, if implemented, would develop the knowledge and practices to double the productivity of the downstream and chemicals industrial construction sector. RT-DCC-01 spent one year following a scientific process to identify a series of research topics and then prioritize and organize them into research roadmaps. The team collected research topics through a series of workshops and interviews, inviting subject matter experts to share how other industries have improved their processes. These subject matter experts were from a variety of fields, such as healthcare, neuroscience, computer science, and finance. Then the team prioritized and ranked topics with the help of a panel of industry experts and a Delphi approach. Finally, the team developed three research roadmaps from the highest-ranked research topics. These roadmaps offered different degrees of detail, but each included a timeframe that showed how it could be rolled out as a five-year program.

Key Findings and Implementation Tools

1 : Research Topics Potentially Affecting Productivity

RT-DCC-01 identified topics that could potentially affect productivity, then graphed each based on its Feasibility and Impact on Productivity. The team then adjusted these results to account for familiarity bias, because the researchers wanted to ensure that unfamiliar yet potentially transformative ideas were also considered (RT-DCC-01, page 41).

Reference: (FR-DCC-01)

2 : Research Roadmaps

RT-DCC-01 produced three potential research roadmaps that incorporated the identified research topics into programs. (Below is an example for Research Roadmap 3.) Additionally, the team developed topic summaries and related research questions for each research topic (RT-DCC-01, page 45).

Reference: (FR-DCC-01)

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How to Double Productivity - FR-DCC-01

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