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Title: IR166-3 - CII Best Practices Guide: Improving Project Performance, Version 5.0
Publication Date: 7/1/2022
Product Type: Implementation Resource
Status: Tool
Pages: 96
Designed to assist the implementation of CII Best Practices into real-world projects. Provides a number of tools to assist in planning and executing the implementation of the best practices. Describes each Best Practice, lists essential elements of each, and summarizes reported benefits. Also includes a checklist for evaluating level of implementation at project or organization level and a list of pertinent CII references for each Best Practice. Version 5.0 provides an update to every chapter of this publication as well as an Excel spreadsheet to assist in scoring of self-assessments.
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This publication is designed primarily to help CII Implementation Champions and others provide leadership in the implementation of CII Best Practices. It provides information for those who may be considering implementation or who have an interest in learning more about CII Best Practices and the implementation process. It is also a resource for planning the implementation of individual best practices and it provides a means of evaluating the completeness of implementation for each one.

CII defines a best practice as “a process or method that, when executed effectively, leads to enhanced project performance.

This publication provides a number of tools to assist in planning and executing the implementation of CII Best Practices. It also provides material on the current CII Best Practices, including the following:

  • A description of each best practice
  • A listing of essential elements for each best practice
  • A summary of reported benefits realized through the use of each best practice
  • A checklist for evaluating the degree of implementation of each best practice at project or organizational levels
  • A list of pertinent cii references related to each best practice

This publication may be used in a number of ways to enhance the implementation process, particularly as an introduction and reference source for each CII Best Practice. This publication can also be utilized to determine which CII Best Practices to implement and at which level (project, organizational, or both) a practice should be deployed. The list of CII references relating to each CII Best Practice is included; however, users are urged to check the most current listing in the CII Knowledge Base.

Implementers may evaluate and compare CII Best Practice use among several projects, either to make a one-time evaluation of implementation or to make periodic evaluations over time. Users may wish to reproduce selected portions of this publication for distribution to others (subject to the CII copyright provisions). Users may also want to include information on additional CII Best Practices selected in the future, or incorporate other material as it is made available.