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Title: FR-382 - Guide to Technologies for Preventing Serious Injuries and Fatalities Related to Last-minute Work Changes
Publication Date: 9/1/2022
Product Type: Final Report
Status: Tool
Pages: 157
RT-382 explored technologies that could potentially avoid or mitigate last-minute changes to prevent serious injuries and fatalities. The team’s in-depth study of technology capabilities and the skills and competencies required in the face of last-minute changes enabled the team to map the technologies to the cognitive process that workers must take when a last-minute change occurs.
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Unforeseen changes in work site conditions or work operations can be stressful, but especially in last-minute situations when workers are under time constraints. In some instances, the time pressure can lead to distractions, frustration, and poor decisions. In the field, however, a poor safety decision made in response to a last-minute change can result in a serious injury or fatality.

RT-382 found that last-minute changes play a role in the majority of SIF incidents. To respond to this situation, the team explored the idea of using technologies to prevent and/or mitigate the impacts of last-minute work changes that could lead to serious injury or even fatalities.

RT-382 mapped the catalog of technologies to the functional requirements: real-time monitoring, assessing, decision-making, and taking action. The team found that most present systems lack the robust capabilities required. Only two types of technologies could perform all of the functions required to address last-minute changes – AI and site control and site access technologies – but neither is currently ready and trusted. The team concluded that the industry needs to continue its investment in technological development, especially in robotics and AI.