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Topic Summaries

 Updating Project Delivery and Contract Strategies - RT-DCC-06

Start Year: 2019     End Year: 2021

 Onsite versus Offsite Construction – The Impact of Offsite Construction on the Workforce - RT-371

Start Year: 2019     End Year: 2021

 Integrating the Supply Chain with AWP Practices - RT-363

Start Year: 2019     End Year: 2020

 Promoting the Use of Advanced Work Packaging – Phase 2 - RT-365

Start Year: 2019     End Year: 2020

 Annual Safety Reports - PAC-Safety

Start Year: 1984     End Year: 2020

Research Publications

Project Capital Efficiency Scorecard for Downstream and Chemicals Projects - FR-DCC-07

Publication Date: 11/01/21 Type: Final Report Pages:

Improving the Data-centric Maturity of the Construction Industry - FR-372

Publication Date: 10/04/21 Type: Final Report Pages:

Modeling the 2030 Composition of the Construction Workforce - FR-370

Publication Date: 10/01/21 Type: Final Report Pages:

CII-CURT Safety Benchmarking Report - DPC2021-2

Publication Date: 09/01/21 Type: Benchmarking Report Pages: 28

Getting Ready for 2030: A People, Process, and Technology Roadmap for Offsite Construction - FR-371

Publication Date: 09/01/21 Type: Final Report Pages: 163

Modular Chemical Process Intensification Implementation Case Studies: Analysis of Economics - FR-373

Publication Date: 09/01/21 Type: Final Report Pages:

CII 2020 Annual Report - AR-2020

Publication Date: 05/01/21 Type: Annual Report Pages: 13

After the Revolution: Understanding a Decade of Change in Project Delivery Systems and Their Impact on Project Performance - FR-DCC-06

Publication Date: 05/01/21 Type: Final Report Pages: 86

Modernizing the Supply Chain and Increasing the Value of AWP - FR-363

Publication Date: 04/01/21 Type: Final Report Pages: 78

Breaking through to Collaborative Scheduling: Approaches and Obstacles - FR-362

Publication Date: 03/01/21 Type: Final Report Pages: 135