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 Development of an AWP Execution Planning Guide for Projects - RT-390

Start Year: 2021     End Year: 2023

 Recognizing and Retaining Beneficial Changes from the Pandemic on the Workforce - RT-400

Start Year: 2021     End Year: 2023

 AWP + Lean: Exploring Opportunities - WG22-01

Start Year: 2020     End Year: 2023

 Pursuing Capital Efficiency - RT-394

Start Year: 2021     End Year: 2023

 Benchmarking Associates Guide - DA-CBA

Start Year: 2022     End Year: 2023

Research Publications

AWP Execution Planning Guide for Projects and Organizations - FR-390

Publication Date: 09/01/23 Type: Final Report Pages: 138

Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) and Lean Construction: Optimizing Project Workflow - SR22-01d

Publication Date: 08/01/23 Type: Special Publication Pages: 21

Construction Industry Changes: Beyond the Pandemic - FR-400

Publication Date: 07/01/23 Type: Final Report Pages: 95

Capital Effectiveness & Efficiency - IR394-2

Publication Date: 07/01/23 Type: Implementation Resource Pages: 115

Advanced Work Packaging Digital Threads to Enable Supply Chain Visibility on Capital Projects, Version 1.1 - FR-TC-03

Publication Date: 05/01/23 Type: Final Report Pages: 84

CII 2022 Annual Report - AR-2022

Publication Date: 04/01/23 Type: Annual Report Pages: 9

Implementation Guide to Industrial Integrated Project Delivery (I2PD) - FR-383

Publication Date: 04/01/23 Type: Final Report Pages: 78

AWP Data Requirements Implementation Guideline, Version 1.4 - SR19-01

Publication Date: 04/01/23 Type: Special Publication Pages: 160

Key Performance Indicators and Metrics for Capital Efficiency in the Downstream and Chemicals Sector - FR-399

Publication Date: 03/01/23 Type: Final Report Pages: 62

2022 Safety Summary - DPC2022-2

Publication Date: 02/01/23 Type: Benchmarking Report Pages: 15