Performance Assessment System

CII’s Performance Assessment (Benchmarking) Program was established in 1996 to obtain and evaluate project performance data. Since that time, the program has helped countless CII members and the industry. There is a profound truth to the aphorism “what gets measured, gets improved.”   

In October 2019, the CII Board of Advisors endorsed the development of a Data Warehouse to replace the aging online PAS. In the interim, the PAS has been retired as the data are migrated to the new platform. The Data Warehouse will be released in 3rd quarter 2020.   

If you have any questions or would like to submit data to CII during this interim period, please contact Deborah DeGezelle, CII's Manager of Information Services and the lead for the development of the new Data Warehouse. 

The CII Performance Assessment effort is overseen by the Deployment Committee.

Launch PAS
Mike Pappas, Associate Director
(512) 232-3007
Deborah DeGezelle, Manager of Information Services
(512) 232-3060
Zhe Yin, Graduate Research Assistant
(512) 232-3051