CII Annual Safety Survey

Safety is a constant priority and the top responsibility in our industry.

Since 1989, CII has been tracking safety performance for the purpose of helping our members understand their safety performance. The CII Annual Safety Survey provides a single, cohesive method for safety metrics, productivity metrics and labor risk analytics.

Every organization desires the same safety outcome for all projects: zero injuries.

The CII Safety Survey was designed to collect capital project data from construction owners and contractors and make this information available in a confidential, aggregated format to enable peer benchmarking.

This year, the survey exists as a simple Excel spreadsheet, asking questions about work hours, number of Recordable Incident cases, Days Away cases, Restricted and Transfer cases, and fatalities using different categories such as industry sectors. When preparing data for submission, please bear in mind that the intent of the survey is to permit calculation of safety statistics for capital facility projects only. Data for operations and maintenance activities should be excluded.

Aggregated results from the survey will be presented by the CII Director at the 2022 CII Annual Conference held in Cleveland in August. Please find attached the slides presented last year. A copy of the 2022 CII Annual Safety Report will also be released on next spring.  

All data provided are treated as "company confidential." These data will not be communicated in any form to any party other than to CII. Any data or analyses based on these data that are shared with others or published will represent summaries of data from multiple organizations participating in the survey which have been aggregated in a way that will preclude the identification of proprietary data and the specific performance of individual organizations.
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