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IR268-2 — PDRI: Project Definition Rating Index — Infrastructure Projects


Welcome to this first edition of the PDRI: Project Definition Rating Index – Infrastructure Projects, a document developed by the CII Research Team 268, PDRI for Infrastructure. With this publication, CII has completed the “trilogy” of planning tools focused on major capital projects; this version of the tool has filled a gap within its front end planning body of knowledge. The other two planning tools of the trilogy are Implementation Resource 113-2, PDRI for Industrial Projects, Version 3.2, and Implementation Resource 155-2, PDRI for Building Projects, Version 3.2. These three resources are complementary and will be applicable to most capital projects being constructed today, both new construction and renovations. Indeed infrastructure planners may undoubtedly use a combination of these three tools, depending on the horizontal/vertical construction mix of their particular program.

In addition to this publication, a macro-enabled spreadsheet has been developed that assists project teams in assessing their projects. This Excel® file can be downloaded from the CII online store, along with this publication or in the enclosed CD.



1. What Is the PDRI?

2. Benefits of the PDRI

3. Instructions for Assessing a Project

4. What Does a PDRI Score Mean?

5. Concluding Remarks

Appendix A: Unweighted Project Score Sheet

Appendix B: Weighted Project Score Sheet

Appendix C: Element Descriptions

Appendix D: Examples of Completed PDRIs

Appendix E: Logic Flow Diagrams

Appendix F: Facilitation Instructions

Appendix G: Example Action List


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