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April 1 Industry Update April 1, 2020

NYC buildings bulletin; Venues adapted into medical facilities; All construction requires enhanced safety protocols

COVID-19 Blog Series: Homeland Security Provides Guidance on the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce in COVID-19 Response March 31, 2020

From the nation's Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)

COVID-19 Blog Series: Black Swan Event Best Practices Symposium, Final Report March 31, 2020

From CII member PSE&G: A gas and electric utility peer panel - best practices symposium

COVID-19 Blog Series: We are All in This Together - How CII Members are Dealing with the Tail Risk March 26, 2020

This blog entry draws from examples gathered from you, our members, by our Communities for Business Advancement (CBAs) and other discussions.

COVID-19 Blog Series: Shutting Down a Project: A Framework and Lessons Learned March 25, 2020

With shutdowns already taking place around the country, and others looming or imminent, CII members welcome you to a recorded webinar that shares lessons learned to address Project Shutdown and Restart.

COVID-19 Blog Series: CII Members Respond March 17, 2020

In this first installment, we address the new work environment. Valency shares some great tips for managing logistics for virtual workshops.

Introducing Artificial Intelligence into AWP Implementation February 19, 2020

Daniel Oliveira, CII, discusses insights on possible strategies, applications, and an adoption framework that could serve capital projects organizations interested in leveraging AI for AWP.

What We Can Learn from CII February 17, 2020

Adrian Saldanha, with PCL Construction, takes us through a seminar on Advanced Work Packaging offered by the Construction Industry Institute and explains why membership in CII can really benefit your organization.

CII Ends the Decade Strong December 17, 2019

We sincerely appreciate and applaud those member organizations who have spent several decades contributing to the work of CII. This has been an incredible year for your R&D lab.

New CII Research Team December 5, 2019

CII is proud to announce our new Research Team DCC-06, Updating Project Delivery and Contract Strategies (funded by the Downstream and Chemicals Sector Committee).

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