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Sustainability, Environmental & Security
CII's Role in the Decarbonization of Capital Projects
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Four images showing the publications released March 12, 2024
Your Input Needed! Shaping CII R&D Priorities Through Our Survey

This year, we are starting the 2024-25 Ideation process with a five-minute survey to uncover key areas of R&D interest. The primary areas identified will be reviewed in the spring CII Board of Advisors meeting, setting the stage for subsequent R&D topic development workshops
March 11, 2024
CII Tools Blog Series: Advancing Construction Excellence: Insights from the March 2024 AWP CBA Community Meeting
The March 2024 AWP CBA Community meeting showcased the latest strides in construction productivity and innovation, the main presentation shared the results of case studies analysis done on Direct Labor productivity and AWP, led by Geoff Ryan P.M.P, and validated by the CII academic team. Members from across the globe heeded the call for collaboration and knowledge sharing. Here's a condensed recap of the key takeaways:
March 08, 2024
CBA Safety Hidden Gem - Leading Indicators

We invite you to watch for a new output from CII’s Communities for Business Advancement (CBAs)! Members in these groups are preparing and posting a series of “CBA Hidden Gem” blogs. The series extracts the most important information from that groups’ monthly session. Nugget Blogs share the important issues being discussed in each CBA meeting with a look at potential best practices to address them.
March 08, 2024
Rethinking Supplier Qualification Programs to Improve Project Deliver

Supplier qualification programs are essential to successful project delivery. Our traditional programs may not be sufficient in a world faced with increasing disruptions and uncertainties.
March 08, 2024
CII Celebrates International Women's Day

While the construction industry is often seen as traditionally male-dominated, women have played a crucial role throughout its history. From laying bricks to leading projects, their contributions have shaped the skylines and landscapes we see today.

February 28, 2024
CII Tools Blog Series: CII’s AWP CBA February 2024 Meeting Highlights
The February 2024 meeting of CII’s AWP (Advanced Work Packaging) CBA (Community for Business Advancement) provided a platform for industry professionals to delve into critical discussions surrounding AWP practices, particularly focusing on its implementation in engineering. But before diving into the current agenda, the group took a moment to reflect on the data analysis from 2023, and define initiatives and topics for joint working groups (JWGs) meeting in 2024.
Global Procurement and Materials Management August 18, 2023
CII Tools Blog Series: Materials Management and Procurement
CII offers useful guides that assist with Materials Management and Procurement.
2022 Research Focus Areas July 17, 2023
2022 Research - 9 Focus Areas
​CII prioritizes research in nine focus areas.
July 07, 2023
CII Tools Blog Series: Alignment, Scope and Risk (Part 1)
In this series of five blogs, we highlight CII’s top tools! This blog introduces tools that can help your organization with Alignment, Scope and Risk.
June 16, 2023
CII Data Warehouse Two-Project Challenge
Construction firms must adopt new strategies and processes to remain competitive in this rapidly-evolving market. The Data Warehouse is a unique benchmarking and research platform that can provide answers.
CII 2023 Academic Selection April 20, 2023
Announcing the CII 2023 Academic Selection for New CII Research Teams
We are pleased to announce five new research teams and the selection of academics, following a competitive selection process.
March 20, 2023
Take the Data Warehouse Dashboard Surveys!
Answer these short surveys to get your organizational level assessment and jump start your organization's Best Practices benchmarking journey!
January 17, 2023
CII's Role in the Decarbonization of Capital Projects
Announcing the launch of a new CII research team that will investigate practices and standards to address decarbonization in the construction phase.
Four images showing the publications released December 02, 2022
Latest CII Research Publications - Now Available
Explore seven of CII's freshest research publications of 2022.
November 14, 2022
CII's 2022-2023 Ideation Process
Identifying new research topics is the first and most critical step to generating value for CII members. This year, we designed an ideation process to leverage member input to select and prioritize the 2023 line-up for R&D.
A woman speaking in a conference room with a group of people listening at round tables November 07, 2022
CII Idea Generation for the 2023 Initiatives
CII initiatives idea-generation process was launched at the 2022 Annual Conference. Since then, we have collected, evaluated and prioritized more than 300 ideas.
Headshot of John Strickland January 25, 2022
Announcing New Co-Chair of the AWP + Lean Subcommittee Joint Working Group
We are pleased to welcome John Strickland with Burns & McDonnell as Co-Chair of the AWP + Lean Subcommittee Joint Working Group!
Four images showing the publications released December 10, 2021
Latest CII Research Publications - Now Available
Explore eight of CII's freshest research publications of 2021.
December 09, 2021
CII Best Practices Course Program
CII Best Practices Course Program offers a real-world knowledge of proven construction management practices that you can apply immediately in the workplace. We appreciate year 2021 participants.
Graph showing size of global offsite/modular construction market September 08, 2021
Planning for the Future with Modularization and Offsite Construction
Learn about the CII Modularization Community for Business Advancement's currently active research topic on the future execution strategy for industrial capital projects.
Data warehouse August 02, 2021
CII Data Warehouse Launches
CII's Data Warehouse is a first-of-its-kind benchmarking and research platform that was built with high performance computing in mind.
May 04, 2020
Visualizing Indicators of Project Health - New Research
Have you ever wondered how well your project teams were communicating and collaborating? RT-345 has developed the Integrated Project Monitoring Method (IPMM) to measure and visualize the health of interfaces and workload among project stakeholders.
Implementation resource 331-2 May 03, 2018
Researchers from Arizona State Win Award for New CII Research
Research Team 331 won the CRC Best Paper Award out of 374 papers presented.
October 04, 2017
CII Best Practices Handbook Goes To Press
Best practice use gives companies a distinct competitive advantage.
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