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CII Acronyms

CII and other industry participants use acronyms to quickly refer to complex concepts. Please see the list below.

Acronym Definition
AC Annual Conference
AD CII Associate Director
AWP Advanced Work Packaging
AWP CBA Advanced Work Packaging CBA
BAG Benchmarking Advisory Group
BM&M Benchmarking & Metrics
BOA Board of Advisors
BP CII Best Practices
BPC CII Best Practices Course program
CBA Community for Business Advancement
CCIS Center for Construction Industry Studies (sister organization under the CII umbrella)
CEPM Construction Engineering and Project Management (at The University of Texas at Austin)
CEU Continuing Education Unit
CICE Construction Industry Cost Effectiveness (historic study by The Business Roundtable that helped start CII)
CII Construction Industry Institute
CMAA Construction Management Association of America (CII’s partner in Best Practices–Best Practitioners Alliance)
CRA Construction Readiness Assessment tool
DA CBA Data Analytics CBA
DART Days Away, Restricted or Transferred, Time (Days Away Restricted Time)
DCC Downstream & Chemical Sector Committee
DPC Deployment Committee
DSA Distinguished Service Award
DW Data Warehouse
EM Education Module (CII publication type – classroom instruction in two components: see IG and PH)
ESG Environmental, Social & Governance
F2F Face-to-Face Meeting
FEP Front End Planning
FF‚ÄźDARAP Federal Facilities Data Analytics Research and Applications Program (Federal Facilities Benchmarking)
FHC Facilities & Healthcare Sector Committee
FIATECH Fully Integrated & Automated Technologies for Construction (sunset group, but some of its initiatives live on in CII’s TC)
FR Final Report (CII publication type)
FSC Funded Studies Committee
FT Designation for all Fiatech documents incorporated into KB
HSE (or SHE) Health, Safety & Environment
I2PD Industrial Integrated Project Delivery
IG Instructor’s Guide (teacher component of EM)
IM CBA Information Management CBA
IPA Independent Project Analysis, Inc.
IPD Integrated Project Delivery
IPRA Integrated Project Risk Assessment (formerly International Project Risk Assessment)
IR Implementation Resource (CII publication type – useful tool, checklist, etc.)
JGW Joint Work Group
JIP Joint Industry Program
KA Knowledge Area
KB CII's Knowledge Base
KPI Key Performance Indicator metrics
LEED Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (rating system developed by the USGBC)
MLS Manufacturing and Life Sciences Sector Committee
Mod CBA Modularization CBA
NCCER National Center for Construction Education and Research
NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology
NSF National Science Foundation
OLE CII Online Education Program
P3 Pre Project Planning (superseded by FEP)
PC CBA Project Controls CBA
PDCS Project Delivery and Contract Strategies
PDH Professional Development Hour
PDRI Project Definition Rating Index tool
PEpC Procurement, Engineering Procurement, Construction
PH Participant Handbook (student component of EM)
PHI Project Health Indicator tool
PIP Process Industry Practices (sister organization under CII umbrella)
PIW CII Performance Improvement Workshop
PM Project Manager
PMI Project Management Institute
PPMOF Prefabrication, Preassembly, Modularization & Offsite Fabrication
PPP Pre-Project Planning
PRB Product Review Board
PUIC Power, Utility, and Infrastructure Sector Committee
QM Quality Management
QM CBA Quality Management CBA
R&D Research & Development
REP Registered Education Provider
RFID Radio Frequency Identification
RM CBA Risk Management CBA
ROI Return on Investment
RR Research Report (CII publication type – academic white paper)
RS Research Summary (CII publication type – Cliffs Notes for specific RT)
RT Research Team
Safety CBA Safety CBA
SCM CBA Supply Chain Management CBA
SD Source Document (CII publication type – precursor to RR)
SHE (or HSE) Safety, Health & Environment
SLC Sector Leadership Committee
SME Subject Matter Expert
SP Special Publication (CII publication type – similar to IR)
SPC Strategic Planning Committee
SR Special Report (CII publication type)
TACC Texas Advanced Computing Center (benchmarking collaborator)
TC Technology Committee
TQM Total Quality Management
TRIR Total Recordable Incident Rate
UMM Upstream, Midstream, and Mining Sector Committee
V or VM Virtual Meeting
XC Executive Committee
XLP Executive Leadership Program