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Submit a Project for Benchmarking

The CII Data Warehouse is a capital facility benchmarking platform that helps members to identify their own project delivery strengths and weaknesses. This popular program provides a safe and confidential means for members to compare their performance against industry norms and helps them set targets to achieve best in class.

Three powerful tools form the core of the Data Warehouse: the Dashboard, Data Miner and Project Performance Assessment Key Report.

  • The Dashboard features visual indicators of your own organization’s projects and their performance trends. This includes easy-to-read dials that represent portfolio performance on cost and schedule, delivery methods used, and industries served.
  •  The Data Miner is an essential tool for Benchmarking Associates. This interface offers allows participants to generate thousands of charts representing norms from a wide array of key performance metrics. Users can select and filter by different project characteristics with just a click and to generate plots dependent on the selection criteria. Cost metrics are normalized to U.S. Dollars for the most recently available index year and are localized to Chicago.

  • Cost Growth – Overall and by project phase
  • Schedule Growth – Overall and by project phase
  • $ Total Cost/BGSF
  • Cost Factor for Project Phases
  • Duration Factor for Project Phases
  • Safety
  • Best Practices
  • and much more!

  • The Project Performance Assessment Key Report scores every project that participants submit. For each metric, the Data Warehouse algorithm attempts to find the closest matching comparison across a number of factors including project type, project nature, and cost category. A sophisticated algorithm provides the most detailed comparison available, while still respecting statistical and confidentiality requirements.

Benchmarking Associate Resources

Download Benchmarking Associate training material and data collection resources, including the Integration Toolkit 2.0.  Find out how to submit data.
What gets measured, gets improved! CII members can submit their projects to be benchmarked and compared against other similar projects. It's easy to get started. Find out more.
Benchmark Your Projects

Integration Toolkit

The Integration Toolkit is an easy-to-use Excel based tool for submitting project data to the Data Warehouse.

CII Integration Toolkit v1-4_2023

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Deborah DeGezelle
Manager of the Data Warehouse
Bio + Contact
Deborah DeGezelle
Manager of the Data Warehouse
Deborah DeGezelle is the Manager of the Data Warehouse benchmarking services. Deborah brings nearly three decades of benchmarking and data analytics leadership experience to CII.

Deborah is passionate about bringing data to life. Data is everywhere and she excels at integrating and curating data that can drive business advancement. Deborah is a passionate believer that "what gets measured gets improved."
Natcha Luechakiettisak
Graduate Research Assistant
Bio + Contact
Natcha Luechakiettisak
Graduate Research Assistant
Natcha is a Graduate Research Assistant working with Deborah DeGezelle on CII's Data Warehouse. Natcha is originally from Thailand. He obtained his undergraduate degree at Auburn University in Alabama. He worked for the design team or highway group at SNC Lavalin - Atkins in Atlanta, Georgia for three years. Then he decided to go back to school to pursue his master’s degree at UT.