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CII Research Overview


CII research is a collaborative effort that brings together industry and academia to identify opportunities and conduct research projects that align with its mission. Here's why CII research stands out: 

  • Member-Driven Process: CII research thrives on active member involvement. Members pinpoint research areas, participate in Research Teams, review outcomes, and share insights through presentations and various media. Member engagement is pivotal at every stage. 

  • Tangible Project Improvements: With over 40 years of dedicated research, CII has developed 17 Best Practices and numerous tools. The resources, which are accessible to organizations, are designed to significantly enhance project delivery. 

  • Collaborative Approach: CII values diverse perspectives and collaboration. The collaborative nature of our approach relies on invaluable input from industry members and academics with different backgrounds. This diversity enriches the knowledge generated. 

  • Academic Rigor: Projects adhere to a rigorous scientific approach. By involving subject matter experts from member organizations and tapping into the expertise of academics, CII ensures a solid foundation for all research endeavors. 


CII projects are normally presented at CII events, mainly at the CII Annual Conference.
Projects being presented at the 2024 Annual Conference 

Access summaries of the upcoming Research Team presentations here.

Projects Expected to Conclude in 2025 

Future Projects 

CII conducts an annual ideation process to identify future initiatives including research and development projects. We launch this process at a Board of Advisors meeting in the Spring. CII members are involved in generating, evaluating, and screening ideas to identify a set presented to the Board of Advisors at the Fall Board meeting. You can see the collection of ideas from the 2024-25 idea generation process and contribute new themes here