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How Does Contracting Impact Project Performance?

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Feb 12, 2024
CII Webinar Presentation
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Our NextGen (formerly AWP+Lean) series of webinars has addressed many best practices leveraged across the different industries that contribute to improvements in Project Delivery. Consistently, the degree to which they drive success is partially shaped by the contracting strategy, type of contracts selected, and the underlying relationships. Our upcoming webinar will present some insights on addressing increasing interest in adopting contracts that are intended to heighten levels of collaboration, drive deeper integration, reduce shared risk across the collective project enterprise and most importantly improve performance. This session will feature three highly regarded professionals with diverse and distinctive perspectives to discuss important, but often overlooked, impacts of contracting.

The conversation will undoubtedly offer key insights about risk, culture and reliable performance. Expect to hear some great stories to illustrate key points. Whether your new to AWP, Lean, or Operations Science or a seasoned practitioner, please mark your calendars and join us for an entertaining conversation.

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