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PDRI: Project Definition Rating Index -- Building Projects, Version 4.0

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Oct 01, 2013
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Welcome to the fourth edition of PDRI: Project Definition Rating Index – Building Projects. The first edition of this document was developed and written by the CII PDRI for Building Projects Research Team and published in 1999. In 2006, the Support for Pre-Project Planning Project Team reviewed and updated all CII front end planning documentation, including that first edition. The team drew upon materials from the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) Security Study performed by CII and the collective knowledge of the research team members. The resulting update (the second edition) significantly clarified the methods for using the PDRI–Building Projects tool, discussed tool usage by both owner and contractor organizations, and referenced security and sustainability issues.

In 2009, the Front End Planning for Renovation/Revamp Research Team revisited the second edition to clarify its usage on renovation projects and to provide specific comments on needed front end planning efforts on renovation projects. In addition, the team developed a macro-enabled spreadsheet that allows the project team to score projects automatically. (This Excel™ file can be found on the compact disc/downloadable files that accompany this book.) The research team believed that, with these changes, the third edition significantly improved the usability of the PDRI–Building Projects tool.

In this most current version, the team corrected the scoring totals in Section II, Category D, and Section III, Category K of the scoresheet found in Appendix B. Along with these content changes, the team fixed minor bugs in the scoring software and made significant changes to the functionality of the spreadsheets, also reformatting them to match the features of subsequently released PDRIs for industrial and infrastructure projects.

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