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REP Directory Listing: DyCat


DyCat Solutions is a specialized consulting service that provides business driven solutions tailored to improve rate of return, reduce overall cost, improve schedule and reduce labor risk on projects or programs for the heavy industrial sector. We can and have accomplished this by working with our customers to understand their business case.

Our solutions that support the business case include modularization, facility standardization, lean design along with lean execution methods, training and toolkits. We have the “know-how” to utilize these strategies and provide the quality assurance to ensure they are executed effectively.

DyCat Solutions has subject matter experts for defining and aligning on lean design requirements, optimized modularization and facility standardization and developing lean execution and manufacturing methods. Our experienced facilitators conduct evaluation workshops and training development, as well as online training for our innovative solutions.

At DyCat Solutions we provide a multitude of training courses can be delivered in person or online by one of our experienced and knowledgeable instructors. We also provide customized training options for our customers depending on their specific needs.


REP Areas of Expertise
CII Best Practices

Advanced Work Packaging // Alignment // Change Management // Constructability // Front End Planning // Implementation of CII Research // Lessons Learned // Partnering // Planning for Modularization // Planning for Startup // Project Risk Assessment // Quality Management // Team Building

CII Knowledge Areas

Business and Project Processes // Commissioning, Startup & Handover // Construction Execution // Design Planning and Optimization // Modularization // Professional Development // Project and Program Management // Project Organization and Communication // Project Planning // Quality Management // Sustainability, Environmental, and Security

DyCat Solutions Details

Delivery Method
Instructor-Led / In-person
Instructor-Led / Virtual
DyCat Solutions Events