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REP Directory Listing: Verum Institute

Verum Institute
Verum Partners spin-off focused on education. We train and empower companies and professionals who seek excellence in their projects and operations.
Our purpose is to drive the cultural and digital transformation of construction industry through education. We are here to support your personal or corporate trainning, helping you and your company to implement a knowledge journey.
Verum's training takes place with the involvement of multidisciplinary team specialized in Portfolio Management, FEL, AWP, BIM, Lean, Agile, Contracts, IPD, Sustainability, Digital Solutions and Change Management. Ours experts’ instructors has proved experienced on more than 20 existing clients, totaling investments above R$ 200 billion.
Our learning path comprises a progressive knowledge of fundamentals, intermediate skills, advanced skills and personalized training.
We offer online, in-person (remote) and face-to-face training. Visit our website and learn more about each one. 


REP Areas of Expertise
CII Best Practices

Advanced Work Packaging // Alignment // Benchmarking & Metrics // Change Management // Constructability // Disputes Prevention & Resolution // Front End Planning // Implementation of CII Research // Lessons Learned // Materials Management // Partnering // Planning for Modularization // Planning for Startup // Project Risk Assessment // Quality Management // Team Building // Zero Accidents Techniques

CII Knowledge Areas

Business and Project Processes // Commissioning and Startup // Construction Execution // Construction Technology // Design Planning and Optimization // Human Resources Management // Information Management Technology // Materials Management // Modularization // Performance Assessment // Procurement and Contracts // Professional Development // Project and Program Management // Project Controls // Project Organization and Communication // Project Planning // Quality Management // Risk Management // Safety // Sustainability, Environmental & Security

Verum Institute Details

Delivery Method
Instructor-Led / In-person
Live Webinar
Self-paced Online Course
Hybrid (part live/part self-paced)
Verum Institute Events