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RT-402_Revisiting and Streamlining Project Controls Methods and KPIs  

Background and Problem Statement

CII members have expressed that the usual earned value-based methods and their associated KPIs may not be the ideal methods of project controls. Currently, progress management is difficult. Tracking earned value does not provide a “real feel” for what is happening in the field. Furthermore, the KPIs used are typically lagging and do not provide the opportunity for companies to proactively identify and address potential problems.

There is an opportunity to identify project controls methods and KPIs that can overcome the limitations found in current earned value-based methods. This project also assumes that technology may enable different and more proactive methods both by allowing real-time reporting or tracking field progress and by assessing productivity in a more efficient way.

This study would add to the body of knowledge that includes CII RT-316’s Instantaneous Project Controls.

Objective and Essential Question

The main objective of this exploratory study is to better understand project controls:

  • What is the industry best practices for more proactive, efficient, and effective projects controls? 
  • What are the limitations of current earned value-based methods? 
  • What project controls methods can overcome current limitations? 
  • What is the best method to depict project progress? 
  • What requirements and functionalities, including leading KPIs, can provide a more proactive project controls process? 
  • How could we leverage technology – artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics – to support and streamline project controls?



Rodolfo Gonzalez, Occidental Petroleum Corporation

Vice Chair

Brian Petty, Hargrove Engineers + Constructors


Rana Alkadi, Hargrove Engineers + Constructors

Samer Alsharif, DTE Energy

Nathan Buehler, Oracle USA, Inc.

Mike Culotta, Fluor Corporation

Daniel Goldsmith, U.S. Department of Energy

Joshua Lavers, Black & Veatch

Francois Lombard, McDermott International, Inc.

Norberto Pazos, Techint Engineering & Construction

Erik Teagarden, Fluor Corporation

Flobert Tiam, INEOS Olefins & Polymers USA

Eric Vyskocil, Ontario Power Generation

Glen Watson, ExxonMobil Corporation


David Grau, Arizona State University


Behshad Iravanloo, Arizona State University

Daniel Moezabadi, Arizona State University