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RT-406_Addressing Current Barriers and Rethinking Quality Management for Capital Projects  

Objective and Essential Question

The main objective of this exploratory study is to better understand the quality management challenges experienced in the capital projects industry and create a roadmap for rethinking and improving quality management strategies and processes. Specific questions to be addressed include:
  1. What is the state of quality management in the construction industry (in terms of roles, maturity of implementation, funding, cost of quality, drivers, barriers, quality levels)?
  2. How should the capital projects industry rethink and improve its quality management strategy and processes?
Expected Deliverables/Outcomes

The expected outcome of this project is a final document and presentation that includes the following:
  • Characterize the state of quality management in the construction industry including maturity, systematic issues, resources, knowledge gaps, and barriers (which can be addressed by current resources, which are not addressed by current practices/resources).
  • Supply evidence to support the need to rethink quality management in the construction industry and offer possible research direction.
  • Develop a draft RACI matrix that supports, at a high-level, an expanded conceptual process for quality management.
Launched 2022



Aasim Raza, Fluor Corporation

Vice Chair

Kelly Watson, Occidental Oil & Gas Corporation


Garrett DeLoney, Southern Company

Suchismita Duttagupta, The Dow Chemical Company

Tony Kim, Ontario Power Generation

Pavan Lakku, Hargrove Engineers + Constructors

Tammy Lynam, Burns & McDonnell

Stuart Macdonald, Chevron

Ben Pletcher, Bechtel Global Corporation

Paul Stewart, Kiewit Corporation

Melissa Teoh, Shell

Jairo Velasquez, Shell

Brad Zanette, Oracle USA, Inc.


Rayan Bagchi, The University of Texas at Austin

Ghada Gad, CalPolyPomona

Josh Paredes, CalPolyPomona

Jeyoung Woo, CalPolyPomona


Brittney Crawford, CalPolyPomona

Abdulrahman Ngagigoh, California Polytechnic State University

Johanna Tsai, CalPolyPomona