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International Data Standards Landscape and Guideline for Capital Projects Industry

Objective and Questions

Objectives fall into two categories for deliverable development:
  1. Research and document the current state, deployment status, and landscape of international data standards for capital projects and industrial facilities.
  2. Develop and publish guidelines for implementing data standards on capital projects.

Notes to Team

CII will identify an academic lead to lead and finalize documentation for this effort. This lead will be supported by industry professionals in the CII membership who will offer any technical steer required.

This will be an accelerated execution anticipated to span eight months from kickoff to completion. The project will be managed in two phases:
  • Phase 1: Survey Work and Literature Review – Deliver a research report with a focus on the standards “landscape” for capital projects and handover.
  • Phase 2: Implementation Guidance – Develop a guideline for implementing standards on projects based on the understanding of standards’ current state, interoperability, and other issues of note based on the Phase 1 review.

Expected Outcomes

The main expected outcomes of this project include:
  • Phase 1: workflows, mappings, and other informative graphics and text that document the standards “landscape” for capital projects and handover
  • Phase 2: international standards implementation guideline



Jim Purvis, Air Products


Mick Hayashi, JGC Corporation

Robert Hemstad, Air Products

Padmini Kanive, Oracle USA, Inc.

Stu McLean, Chevron

Reiner Meyer-Roessl, Autodesk, Inc.

Chuck Mies, Autodesk, Inc.

Colton Moseley, Chevron

Colton Moseley, Chevron

Saiprasad Natarajan, Larsen & Toubro Limited

Danny Norris, ExxonMobil Corporation

Dirk Ottens, Archer Daniels Midland Company

Martin Ryan, Covestro LLC


Bill O'Brien, The University of Texas at Austin


Sunjae Yoon, The University of Texas at Austin

Launched 2023