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Advanced Planning Guide for Modularization


Modularization is an execution strategy that transfers work from the project site to an offsite location to improve project performance. There is limited knowledge in the industry about implementing modularization successfully. CII members report that companies often implement modularization poorly and too late on a project, making it harder to achieve significant cost and schedule reductions. Gaps have also developed between the RT-283 content finalized in 2013 and what is currently required for the successful execution of a modular project, particularly in areas such as timing, action, and consideration of green and AWP initiatives. By addressing the gaps, CII will take the lead in a collective initiative that ultimately impacts the industry on multiple levels, from the current industrial productivity issues to the newer green initiatives. 


To develop an innovative, clear, concise, and complete industrial modularization implementation and advanced planning guide that includes: 

  • Integration with early Front-End Planning

  • Planning and scheduling strategy

  • Contracting strategy / supply chain / material management strategy

  • Alignment with Advanced Work Packaging (Path of construction and module sequencing / EWP / MWP / CWP sequincing and development)

  • Transportation and logistics strrategy

  • Engineering and design strategies

  • Module fabrication and assembly and construction strategy

  • Commissioning strategy

  • Monitoring and assessment strategy and plan

The resource created by this team should be the reference document for the CII Modularization Best Practice and refer to all valid tools and processes created in prior projects. 
The project scope is constrained to modularization in industrial projects. 

Expected Research Outcomes 

An easy-to-read, stand-alone modularization planning guide – a single implementation document for the CII Modularization Best Practice. This document should create a bridge from CII research including current best practices and past research products stored in CII's resource library (formerly known as the Knowledge Base) 

  • Note that the research should build on past research and create the most current implementation resource. 

  • The guide should refer to all the resources that apply to the current best practice. It should also indicate which resources are no longer valid and what replaced them. CII can package all the relevant tools along with the guide. 

The RT output should also include the description and outline of any modulation courses that CII can consider adding to its offerings. 

Research Team Member Backgrounds 

Industry members that are experienced with the implementation of the CII Modularization Best Practice. 

Time Frame and Milestones 

  • Nominations for RT Industry Members: March-May 2024 

  • PIs meet with CII to prepare for kickoff: May 2024 

  • Kickoff: Last week of June 2024 (target) 

  • Mid-project (online) presentation: September 2025 

  • Presentation at a CII event: August 2026 


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