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Richard L. Tucker Leadership & Service Award

The Richard L. Tucker Leadership & Service Award recognizes an individual who has contributed significantly to the advancement of the CII mission and to the success of CII as an organization. It is named in honor of Dr. Richard L. Tucker, who personally led the effort to create the Construction Industry Institute in 1983 and who served as the first CII Director from its inception until his retirement as Director in 1998.

The CII Executive Committee selects the award recipient. The award may be presented to a CII volunteer participant in CII programs or to an individual not affiliated with a member organization who otherwise meets the criteria for the award. The award is to be presented not more than once per year, and is to be presented only when a worthy candidate has been identified and selected.

Tucker Nomination Form

Recent Recipients:

Aivars Krumins

Dedicated leader at a series of CII member companies, whose service has spanned the CII Board and a variety of other CII groups.
Aivars Krumins

G. Edward Gibson, Jr.

This “Father of PDRI” researched, developed, and taught some of CII's most popular tools for decades, taught at and led a string of world-class engineering schools, and won most CII awards along the way.
G. Edward Gibson, Jr.

Steve Cabano

Imaginative leader who supported the idea of a wider industry alliance to position the engineering and construction industry for the future, and championed that initiative with CII and other leading groups.
Steve Cabano

Award Selection Criteria

The recipient must:
  • Be active in CII programs, while providing significant service to further the mission accomplishment of CII. Describe the nominee's contribution and how it has furthered the mission of CII.
  • Demonstrate ambassadorship and promotion of CII (e.g., to other organizations). Provide instances of ambassadorship by the nominee.
  • Have served as a mentor/advocate for other CII participants. (Please describe in detail.)
  • Have served within the institute for at least several years. (How many years has the nominee served within CII, and in which areas did he or she participate?)
  • Nominees cannot be part of the current or past CII staff.