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CII Data Warehouse Launches

August 2, 2021 | Business and Project Processes

CII's Data Warehouse is a first-of-its-kind data analytics, benchmarking, and research platform, built especially for the Pursuit of Capital Efficiency. There is a profound truth to the aphorism “what gets measured, gets improved” and the Data Warehouse brings more than two decades of CII’s performance assessment research into the high performance computing, big data era, preparing to analyze more projects than ever with a greater richness of detail. It is fundamental to CII’s Capital Efficiency research program as it supports both traditional and innovative approaches to measurement, predictability, and assessment.  
CII's Data Warehouse is hosted at the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC). The extraordinary resources of TACC are powering the data renaissance at CII and in our industry. CII is able to leverage the hundreds of millions of dollars of IT investment at TACC for an unmatched (low) price for our members.  Most importantly, these data cannot be sold. Precisely because CII is a not-for-profit headquartered at a leading public university, it is the very best place for your data to reside.
With the launch of the Data Warehouse, there are immediate opportunities for members to get value in their own pursuit of Capital Efficiency.  All members can utilize the General CII lab, which provides general performance assessment for cost and schedule predictability, as well as safety and other measures. Additionally, two specific lab programs, the Manufacturing and Life Sciences (MLS) sector lab and the Federal Facilities lab, are launching with measures tailored to their unique environment and needs. 
The Data Analytics Community for Business Advancement (CBA) is pleased to present this valuable tool. The Data Analytics CBA is announcing a data collection campaign, along with training and other resources to get started, including the CII Integration Toolkit. This toolkit, which is an easy-to-use Excel template, assists participants in rapidly mapping their data for measurement within the Data Warehouse. It offers a quick-start method to get results and immediate insights, as well as a structured process for increased automation and greater volumes of analytics over time. 
With continued research, development, and deployment of machine learning algorithms applied to a rich, diverse data set, the system will be the most advanced data warehouse and project analytics platform in existence for A/E/C capital facilities.