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New Leadership for Technology Committee

September 26, 2023 | Information Management Technology

The Technology Committee has been busy executing some changes to our team and we are excited to announce the formal restructure of our Committee and introduction of some new Leadership! Here are some key notes on the restructure and new leadership.

  • We are delighted to welcome Dr. Bill O’Brien as our new Associate Director. Bill has an extended history of supporting the Technology Committee and we are excited to have his perspective and support.
  • We have a new Chair and Vice Chair, with Jacob Gleason from Chevron taking on the Chair role and Errol Jacob from Aveva coming in as Vice Chair.
  • The Information Management CBA has moved into the Technology Committee, as we feel the direction of IM is aligned with our goals of digital & data-driven projects! With this move, the IM CBA becomes the IM Subcommittee and will be led by Heath Ceren from Chevron.
  • The Horizon 360 Subcommittee welcomes Geoff Roberts of Oracle and Gareth Davis of Bechtel to the leadership helm.  We owe a giant “THANK YOU” to Firas Hijazi for his many years of leadership on this Subcommittee.
  • Coila LaFleur has moved out of the Chair position and into the lead of the Communications Subcommittee.
  • Tedd Weitzman, from Worley, will continue as lead of the Interoperability Subcommittee, and Ted Blackmon of ConstructX will continue in his role as lead of the Vision and Planning Subcommittee.
A few key updates from our September 13, 2023 quarterly meeting:
  • Our Committee is proposing two research project ideas: “Digital Thread and Virtual Construction Model Guideline for Digital Project Delivery” and “Define Model-based Deliverables for Capital Projects”. Be on the lookout for more information as these ideas get evaluated for funding next year.
  • The Communications Subcommittee would love to have more content to share with broader CII membership and on social media, so if you have any technology-related news or updates to share, or social media posts that you’d like CII to reshare, please reach out to Coila LaFleur (
  • The Information Management Subcommittee is in need of a Vice Chair, so if you’re looking to get involved please reach out to Heath Ceren (
Finally, we are going to be kicking off planning for the Innovation Showcase for the 2024 Annual Conference soon. This year, we’d love to highlight innovation member companies owners and EPCs; so if you feel your company has done something innovative that you can share at next year’s Conference, please contact Coila LaFleur at to get engaged!
Be on the lookout for our next quarterly meeting invitation and a special newsletter with more updates!

Thank you from our Technology Committee Leaders.