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CII Tools Blog Series: Alignment, Scope and Risk (Part 1)

July 7, 2023 | Risk Management

In this series of five blogs, we will highlight CII’s Tools.
Let's begin with Alignment, Scope and Risk (Part 1).

Alignment, Scope and Risk (Part 1)

PM Competency Assessment Tool

IR306-2, Project Manager Competency Assessment Tool User Manual (PM-CAT)

PM CAT is a user-friendly tool designed to quantitatively assess and score PMs’ competencies.

  1. Provides a thorough list of competencies and definitions that a PM should possess to successfully lead, manage and execute a project
  2. Assess the competencies of a PM and compares him/her to the industry
  3. Improves PM effectiveness by targeting specific development needs to enhance their competencies in a personalized and more efficient manner
  4. Enhance the selection process of qualified or potential PMs

The program allows user organizations or supervisors to customize the individual weighting scheme in the spreadsheet.

IR306-2 provides step-by-step instructions for using the tool, along with a glossary of terms.

Alignment Thermometer

IR113-3, Alignment During Pre-Project Planning: A Key to Project Success, Version 2.1

IR113-3 outlines the process required to gain and maintain alignment, and presents the Alignment Thermometer, which can determine whether the team is focusing on the issues and processes that have a substantial effect on team alignment during this critical phase of the project life-cycle.

The updated second edition of this popular CII book explains the process of gaining and maintaining alignment, an integral part of the pre-project planning process. Includes the Alignment Thermometer, which can help the project team evaluate and improve its performance. One chapter covers key insights from managers of both owner and contractor organizations.

Project Health Indicator

IR220-2, Project Health Indicator (PHI) Tool: Assessing Project Health during Project Execution

IR220-2 addresses the fundamental need of addressing in real-time various leading indicators that could be early warning signs of trouble on a project. With the PHI software tool, 43 leading indicators can be evaluated and can complement current traditional measures. The tool begins where the CII Project Definition Rating Index (PDRI) ends: after front-end planning. The tool identifies and quantifies the extent of each of the leading indicators so that a project’s health can be assessed throughout project execution.

Watch this blog space as we highlight more of CII's Tools!