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CII Tools Blog Series: Construction

August 30, 2023 | Construction Execution


Our CII Tools blog series concludes with a focus on Construction.

Zero Injuries Techniques

RS32-1, Zero Injury Techniques

Presents research findings that show substantial benefits from using high-impact safety techniques that have proven to be of value in achieving zero injuries.

Constructability Concept Matrices

SP34-1, Constructability Implementation Guide, Second Edition

This second edition now offers 17 tools that address constructability at both the corporate and project levels. Includes a comprehensive and integrated roadmap to help with implementing constructability. New case studies have replaced those from the original edition, reflecting in-depth application of constructability principles.

Construction Readiness Assessment

FR-DCC-02, Construction Readiness Assessment for Productivity Improvement

Quantitatively determines what qualifies a project as "construction-ready" to help project teams improve and sustain the readiness level of their projects. Includes the Construction Readiness Assessment (CRA) Tool, a Microsoft® Excel-based means of capturing responses to 228 defined factors, then using weighting to calculate a single, unified score that easily presents how construction-ready is a project.