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CII Tools Blog Series: Materials Management and Procurement

August 18, 2023 | Materials Management

CII Tools Blog Series

This entry in our CII Tools blog series offers tools that help with Materials Management and Procurement.

Project Delivery and Contact Strategy

IR165-2, Owner's Tool for Project Delivery and Contract Strategy Selection User's Guide, Second Edition

Presents 12 alternatives for integrated project delivery and contract strategy (PDCS) based on the user's selection of criteria that would best achieve the owner's project objectives. This decision support tool consists of Microsoft® Excel spreadsheets. The selection process presents the user with the three most beneficial PDCS alternatives; compensation approach charts are included to help in final selection.

Materials Management

IR257-2, Global Procurement & Materials Management: An eGuide to Effective Project Execution

This update of CII research on materials management presents materials management functions at both the organizational and project levels. It focuses on practices and procedures for developing and/or improving an organization's materials management functions. It addresses the increased integration of the materials management process throughout the project life cycle, and tackles the challenges associated with the extended supplier base, global sourcing, and longer lead times. Also, it discusses specific issues relative to contracting services, and looks ahead at six critical emerging issues: workforce constraints; projects of growing size and complexity; strategic supplier relationships; emerging markets (global sourcing); materials, manufacturing, and fabrication quality; and environment and sustainability.

Watch this blog space as we highlight more CII's Tools!