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CII Tools Blog Series: Planning and Scheduling

July 21, 2023 | Project Planning

CII Tools Blog Series, Planning and Scheduling

This entry in our CII Tools blog series offers tools that help with Planning and Scheduling.

Planning and Scheduling

Planning for Modularization

IR283-2, Industrial Modularization: Five Solution Elements, Version 1.1

IR283-2 presents five solution elements for increasing the use of modularization on industrial projects: 1) business case process, 2) execution plan differences, 3) critical success factors (CSFs), 4) standardization strategy, and 5) modularization maximization enablers.

It addresses the following modularization issues: assessment of benefits and costs of the modular approach; determination of the optimal level of modularization on a project; methods and timing of modular implementation; isolation of the CSFs that drive modular success; use of standardized modules versus the modular standardized plant; and strategies for overcoming industry-wide barriers to higher levels of modularization.

IR171-2, Prefabrication, Preassembly, Modularization, and Offsite Fabrication: Decision Framework and Tool, Version 1.1 

This resource is designed as a decision-support tool, this guidebook facilitates discussions on the use of PPMOF. Includes a decision timing map, tools for strategic analysis, and suggestions for tactical analysis. Also includes a spreadsheet-based Strategic Analysis tool. Users should have a recent version of Microsoft® Excel and enable macros when using the tool.

Version 1.1 features software update to resolve minor errors.

Planning for Startup

IR121-2, Planning for Startup

This notebook-style toolkit contains 26 tools to help plan successful startup! It details 45 activities that should be noted as part of planning for startup over eight typical phases of a project. Includes the Startup Planning Model.

Look-up Table for Crew Scheduling

IR185-2, Look-up Table for Crew Scheduling

This useful tool includes the Microsoft® Excel spreadsheets that help in selecting crew schedules based on project factors.

Watch this blog space as we highlight more of CII's Helpful Tools!