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CII ‘Hidden Gems’ Safety Week Series: Insights from CII Reports on Advancing Construction Safety

May 8, 2024
Safety Week is a time to refocus on our commitment to ensuring a safe working environment for every individual at jobsites. This year, we highlight several comprehensive reports from the Construction Industry Institute (CII) that provide insights on advancing construction safety through management practices, preventive design, and innovative technologies. Here’s an overview of the valuable insights and actionable recommendations from these reports.
Safety Management: 
Safety Performance through Operational Excellence (RS317-1a)
This report argues that people at the corporate level believe a certain program is in place and functioning; however, the craft professionals are either not aware of the program or do not believe it is well implemented on-site. This CII’s report dived deep into the relationship between operational excellence and safety performance, resulting in the Operational Excellence Model for Construction Project Safety, which can reduce safety incidents and enhance overall productivity. 
The Owners’ Role in Construction Safety (RS190-1)
This report emphasizes the impact that owners can have on safety outcomes by being actively involved in careful selection of safe contractors, contractual safety requirements, proactive involvement in the safety practices of projects, establishment of and funding for a safety recognition program, active participation in safety training and orientation and verifying the comprehension of the training and assigning a full-time safety representative on site.
Prevention through Design: 
Design for Safety (RS101-1)
“Prevention through Design” is a proactive approach to safety, arguing that owners must realize that incorporating safety measures in the design phase directly improves safety on the job site. This report accumulated many design suggestions that focused on improving construction worker safety and outlined how integrating safety considerations during the design stage can lead to fewer modifications during construction and operations, reducing the potential for accidents. “Design for Construction Safety Toolbox”, an interactive computer program to aid in planning and designing facilities. The program allows the user to identify potential safety hazards and offers design suggestions that may be used either to control or eliminate the hazards.
Technologies and Safety: 
Guide to Technologies for Preventing Serious Injuries and Fatalities Related to Last-minute Work Changes (FR-382)
Last-minute changes in work site conditions or work operations can be stressful and can lead to distractions, frustration, poor decisions, and result in a serious injury or fatality. The report recommends technologies, especially AI and site control and site access technologies to help manage and mitigate the risks associated with these changes.
Real-time Pro-active Safety in Construction (RS269-1)
The report focuses on how existing technology can be used to record and warn construction personnel of the presence of hazards in real time. Pro-active Safety involves using sensors and wearables that can provide immediate feedback and alerts about potential hazards. The report focuses on technological advances to improve the ability of pedestrian workers and equipment operators to know when approaching a hazardous construction work zone area (proximity to machines, confined spaces, edges, etc.) and the ability to remotely activate a safe and portable warning signal when necessary. The research findings provided insights into technological advances that revolutionize safety by leveraging automated worksite monitoring and reporting practices.
CII Annual Safety Survey:
2023 Safety Survey results
During Construction Safety Week 2024, CII encourages all member companies to reflect and complete the 2024 Annual Safety Survey by June 19, 2024. Each organization only needs to submit one report that is recorded on a simple Excel spreadsheet. It is important to note that all data and results will be kept confidential, will be protected by CII and the UT-Austin system, data will never be sold, and data will be blinded and non-biased. Results will be presented by the CII Director at the 2024 CII Annual Conference in San Diego, California.
As we observe Safety Week, it's critical to recognize the importance of continuous improvement and innovation in safety practices. By leveraging the insights from these CII reports, we can shift from reactive to proactive safety management, where potential issues can be addressed before they result in accidents, significantly improving safety performance. Implementing these recommendations requires full commitment and collaboration across all levels of an organization, from owners to frontline workers.
CII’s ‘Hidden Gems’ Safety Week Series for Construction Safety Week 2024 is endorsed by CII’s Safety Community for Business Advancement (CBA).

Please contact Robert Wible at CII ( if you are interested in becoming a member or attending an upcoming Safety CBA meeting.