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Shaping CII R&D Priorities Through Our Survey

March 12, 2024

Annually in the first quarter, the Construction Industry Institute (CII) engages our members in the CII Ideation process to identify upcoming Research & Development (R&D) related challenges, opportunities, and themes for the next R&D funding cycle. This year, we are starting the 2024-25 Ideation process with a five-minute survey to uncover key areas of R&D interest. The primary areas identified will be reviewed in the spring CII Board of Advisors meeting, setting the stage for subsequent R&D topic development workshops. Note that your participation in this survey can remain anonymous (providing your name, organization, and email address is optional). Should you choose to disclose this information, please indicate your willingness to being invited to upcoming Ideation workshops.

Completing this survey should require only about five minutes of your time. Your insights through this survey will be instrumental in shaping our Ideation process and advancing the construction industry. We appreciate if you can respond before the submission deadline of April 5th. Your contribution is invaluable to us, and we extend our gratitude for your effort in steering the future of CII's R&D.

Please use this Survey link or copy and paste the following link on your browser: https:/