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CII ‘Hidden Gems’ Safety Week Series: Construction Health and Safety Week Pointers

May 9, 2024
As an owner member of CII, CSL Behring believes that Health and Safety are essential elements supporting our patient focus and our workforce’s wellbeing. CSL Behring is reminded that promoting and living Health and Safety are crucial factors to building a strong, foundational safety culture. Along with the day-to-day goals of implementing good safety practice, we also understand that a static approach to safety where we repeat the “same as usual” is not ideal in promoting good behavior and culture. Among the tools we access to build a strong safety culture, the celebration and communication of safety during our annual Health and Safety Week stands out in reaffirming the message that we care about and hold Health and Safety in high regard in both the workplace and at home. 

As an example, from a 2023 Global Health and Safety week program, the following safety playbook outline was developed and shared with people managers. Please note that this is an all-encompassing approach for both owner operations and owner contracted projects. Typically, the owner project manager in collaboration with the CM or general contractor will align the appropriate Construction Safety elements with the overall safety themes.

Reaffirmation of CSL Behring’s leadership’s commitment to Health and Safety, aligning Health and Safety with our values, and reminding our workforce and external partners of our value driven priorities in this space have resulted in improved Health and Safety awareness, practice, and performance.   
Theme: “Living our Values through Health and Safety”
Monday  Integrity: Hazard and Incident reporting  Focus on using safety management system, reporting hazards/observations, and addressing hazards when you see them (see it, say it, and sort it) 
Taking it home - we take the learnings from work and apply at home. 
Covers the following company values - Superior Performance, Integrity, and Collaboration 
Today’s Activities - Where and how can you access the online safety reporting platform? 
Tuesday  Patient Focus: 
Mental Health and Psychological safety 
Focus on how to provide a mentally heathy workplace for your team members and your peers. Highlighting resources available to our people. 
Taking it home- How we can take our learnings to our homes for family and friends. 
Covers the following company values - Patient Focus, Superior Performance, Integrity, andCollaboration. 
Today’s Activities - Are there things that you can do to positively impact your mental health? Assess the resources. Reach out to a colleague if necessary. Always feel comfortable to talk to you people leader. 
Wednesday  Superior Performance: 
Situation awareness 
Being aware of the situationaround us on any given day. What has changed in our work environment today, new people, new tasks,  
Taking it home-Applying to changes around our homes 
Covers the following company values- Innovation, Integrity, andCollaboration. 
Today’s activities - Lunch and Learn session on common hazards. Spot the Hazard Competition. 
Thursday  Innovation: 
Safety Controls 
Showcasing our safety controls, highlighting everyone's responsibility to ensure theirsafety controls are in place,including PPE, whilst PPE is the lowest order of control, it is important to make sure you have the best fit for you, the clean and safe and the right PPE.  
Taking it home – Do you use the right PPE at home when you are doing activities at home, e.g., mowing the lawn, using ladders? 
Covers the following company values -Innovation, SuperiorPerformance, andCollaboration. 
Today’s Activities - Review article on Safety Risk Assessments. Review article on Social Connection and Exercise Elements (SEEDS). 
Friday  Collaboration: 
Healthy living 
An opportunity to focus on healthyliving and how in addition to making you healthy it can make you Safer. 
Taking it home - Stay hydrated when performing outdoor work in hot weather at home and maximize healthy sleep to stay safe during long distance driving.  
Covers the following company values – Collaboration, Superior Performance 
Today’s Activities - Review article highlighting superior performance in hazard reduction, risk assessment and improvement tools. Webinar on building resilience in the workplace.    

CSL Behring is a global biotherapeutics leader driven by our promise to save lives. Focused on serving patients’ needs by using the latest technologies, we discover, develop, and deliver innovative therapies for people living with conditions in the immunology, hematology, cardiovascular and metabolic, respiratory, and transplant therapeutic areas. 

CII’s ‘Hidden Gems’ Safety Week Series for Construction Safety Week 2024 is endorsed by CII’s Safety Community for Business Advancement (CBA).

Please contact Robert Wible at CII ( if you are interested in becoming a member or attending an upcoming Safety CBA meeting.