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Data Analytics

What:  The Data Analytics Community for Business Advancement (DA CBA) is composed of members that share a vision of guiding CII members to enhanced project performance through Data Analytics. The goal of its members is to apply Data Analytics principles, improved practices, and new tools to enhance successful execution of capital projects leading to improved business outcomes.

Who: The DA CBA provides a forum for data enthusiasts to meet, discuss, and consider collaborative actions to achieve the vision of enhanced project delivery through performance assessment, benchmarking, metrics, and data analytics.

Now:  The Data Analytics CBA meets monthly to promote the use of the Data Warehouse (DW). The Data Warehouse is CII’s repository of anonymized capital project execution data compiled for the common purpose of achieving better understanding industry-wide metrics and trends for project performance. It serves as a resource for members and provides a space for participants to collaborate and share stories of challenges and success, as well as best practices and new trends in the field of data science.
Data analytics is an essential element of the continuous improvement cycle. This CBA leverage principles of data science, metrics, and analytics to discover new relationships that can guide the development of practices and tools that lead to improved business outcomes for capital facilities project delivery. By combining industry know-how with academic rigor, the DA CBA aims to generate insights that ultimately lead to improved capital project execution performance.

Past:  Since its formation in 2019, the CBA published the Benchmarking Associates Guide, IR BMM-2. It includes the 10-Step Benchmarking Process which provides additional guidance for Benchmarking Associates to maximize their use of CII’s Data Warehouse.  This publication supplements the Benchmarking Associates Data Warehouse training sessions that are held quarterly.




Hal Brothers, Autodesk, Inc.

Vice Chair

Ricci Siciliano, Pathfinder, LLC

Academic Advisor

Jay Choi, Central Connecticut State Univ


Abdirahman Abdi, Aramco Services Company

Saad Alshibil, Aramco Americas

Turki Al-Sulami, SABIC - Saudi Basic Industries Corporation

Bjorn Andersen, Norwegian University of Science & Technology

Andrew Armpriester, Chevron

Mayank Arora, PTAG, Inc.

Abdulhadi Asqool, Aramco Americas

David Barnhart, InEight

Olivia Belalta, GlaxoSmithKline

Patrice Bisogni, The Procter & Gamble Company

Nick Boodram, Worley

Tammy Brennan, Pathfinder, LLC

Martyn Brown, GlaxoSmithKline

Wesley Brubaker, Chevron

William Buzbee, U.S. Department of Energy

Michelle Calaton, Air Products

Amanda Cantley, Southern Company

Dennis Cary, PTAG, Inc.

Steve Caulton, GlaxoSmithKline

Ankit Chadha, McDermott International, Inc.

Jacob Chapin, Anheuser-Busch InBev

Miguel Contreras, Ascend Performance Materials

Oscar Cortina Ruiz, PTAG, Inc.

Cristiano Cortonesi, GlaxoSmithKline

RYAN Craaybeek, Oracle USA, Inc.

Eric Crivella, Construct-X, LLC

João Cruz, Braskem S.A.

Mike Davidson, PTAG, Inc.

Nicole de Araujo, Braskem S.A.

Chris Deidun, PTAG, Inc.

Rama Deljouravesh, Ontario Power Generation

Anand Desai, Accenture

Mike Dubreuil, PTAG, Inc.

Patrick Dubreuil, PTAG, Inc.

Trey Fleming, Access Sciences

Shruti Ganu, Accenture

Stuti Garg, Clemson University

Joseph Garrell, Architect of the Capitol

Josh Girvin, O3 Solutions

Stefanie Gleaton, Georgia-Pacific Corporation

Ivan Jaramillo, Autodesk, Inc.

Shrey Jariwala, PTAG, Inc.

Katy Johansson, ExxonMobil Corporation

Angela Johnson, DTE Energy

Deborah Jones, PTAG, Inc.

James Keeler, Flint Hills Resources, LP

Ayush Khanna, Accenture

Brian Kong, U.S. Department of Energy

Lisa Kyriienko, U.S. Department of State

Wei Lan, GlaxoSmithKline

James Landry, Albemarle Corporation

Jan Langlo, Norwegian University of Science & Technology

Bruce Long, Southern Company

Bruno Louvigny, GlaxoSmithKline

Paula Martell, PTAG, Inc.

Anabella Martin, Hilti Corporation

Chuck Mies, Autodesk, Inc.

Alok Kumar Mishra, Air Products

Mark Munion, T. A. Cook Consultants Inc

Lateef Olayiwola, PTAG, Inc.

Bob O'Shaughnessy, PTAG, Inc.

Reza Ozmai, Hilti Corporation

Marzieh Pakdel, Aecon Group Inc.

Jintae Park, O3 Solutions

Iain Paterson, GlaxoSmithKline

Erica Pietroniro, Valency Inc.

Vyshali Rajendran, Accenture

Jeremy Rasmussen, PTAG, Inc.

Benjamin Rhoads, Day & Zimmermann

Robert Ries, University of Florida

Victor Saavedra, PTAG, Inc.

Amy Sager, Kiewit Energy Group

Sara Sander, Burns & McDonnell

Bradley Savant, Air Products

Steven Scott, Deloitte

Stephen Seiler, Chevron

Pooja Seth, Accenture

Abhishek Sharma, Accenture

Vivek Sharma, Clemson University

Ashley Sheffer, PTAG, Inc.

Bikeram Singh, PTAG, Inc.

Mitchel Starback, Dematic

Sung Joon Suk, Western Carolina University

Todd Sutton, Zachry Corporation

Todd Svihovec, Flint Hills Resources, LP

Jun Takasu, Chiyoda Corporation

John Talkington, Smithsonian Institution

Joe Tatoris, Johnson & Johnson

Steve Townsend, GlaxoSmithKline

Daniel Vail, Burns & McDonnell

Hannes van den Berg, Unknown Company

Hector Vega, ExxonMobil Corporation

Eric Vyskocil, Ontario Power Generation

Michael Wang, Ontario Power Generation

Matthew Wolfram, Deloitte

Tyler Wood, PTAG, Inc.

Zhenhua Zhu, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Nathan Luechakiettisak, The University of Texas at Austin

Jim Lundy, Oregon State University


Deborah DeGezelle, CII

Pat Scherer, CII

Pat Scherer, The University of Texas at Austin

Bob Wible, CII

Zhe Yin, The University of Texas at Arlington

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Robert (Bob) Wible
Project Manager for Technology Guidelines and CBAs
Bio + Contact
Robert (Bob) Wible
Project Manager for Technology Guidelines and CBAs
Robert (Bob) brings 5 decades of experience in Federal and state government, international affairs, building design and regulatory processes and reviewing innovative construction technologies to CII.

He came to CII in 2018 with the merger of Fiatech where he served for 10 years overseeing Productivity Advancement practices and creating the Horizon 360 committee which scans the global economy for innovative technologies that enhance the safety and effectiveness of the building design and construction processes.

Prior to joining Fiatech, he served for 21 years as the Executive Director of an association affiliated with National Governors Association, National Conference of State Legislatures and the U.S. Conference of Mayors and before that as a Foreign Service Officer serving in posts in South Asia.